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The Best Surfing Spots in Coolangatta

The Best Surfing Spots in Coolangatta

on 13 February 2020 in Home & Lifestyle

The Best Surfing Spots in Coolangatta 

The Gold Coast is known worldwide as an ideal surfing destination, with the renowned beaches from Burleigh Heads to Snapper Rocks forming the Gold Coast’s World Surfing Reserve. This is largely thanks to the host of world surfing competitions that are hosted on the Gold Coast. However, Coolangatta shouldn’t be looked over. In fact, Coolangatta is one of the best surfing destinations on the Gold Coast. 


Coolangatta is the home base for many of Australia’s best professional surfers, highlighting just how great the waves must be. Whether you’re learning to surf, looking for a bit of exercise or training for a surfing competition, Coolangatta has the perfect beach for your needs. 

Simply the best, surfing in Coolangatta

Coolangatta is blessed to house some of the Gold Coast’s best beaches. From Greenmount Point to Snapper Rocks, each beach has its own set of positives that beginners and the more seasoned surfers can delight in. The only thing the Gold Coast scenery could possibly play second fiddle to is Coolangatta’s numerous surfing destinations. 

  1. Duranbah 

Known as D-Bah by the locals, Duranbah isn’t for the faint hearted. For anyone who isn’t 100% confident in their surfing abilities, D-Bah can be quite dangerous. This is largely due to the fact that sharks are known to frequent this beach. When there aren’t any sharks in the water, another thing to worry about are the large rips.
However, because D-Bah offers large swells, this is a great beach for seasoned surfers. Another positive is the fact that D-Bah isn’t really governed by the seasons. This means that surfers can enjoy a good swell all year round. However, D-Bah is best visited when there are south westerly winds. 

  1. Greenmount Point

Greenmount Point is a great spot to head to if you’re looking for world class surfing conditions. The waves curl around the rocky point, breaking on a shallow sandbank. Making a southern swell and south easterly wind the ideal conditions for this break. 
Another drawcard of Greenmount point is the fact that it provides world class waves without the crowds of most popular surfing beaches. This means that beginners can learn without any worries, while more intermediate surfers can enjoy not having to share the bigger waves. 

  1. Currumbin Alley

Right-hand point breaks are what Currumbin Alley is famous for. This consistent beach is perfect for beginners and experienced surfers alike. The waves heading towards the Currumbin Creek are ideal for beginners. Whereas the waves nearer to the point rocks are larger and therefore best left to the pros. 
Known as one of the safest and most beginner friendly locations on the Gold Coast, it’s hard to go past Currumbin Alley and not jump into the water. This consistent beach features plenty of right-handers and a big wave across the channel that’ll carry you around 250 metres in the ideal south westerly wind. 

  1. Kirra Point

Kirra Point is known as one of the best surf spots in Coolangatta. This beach has long been admired for its legendary surf breaks. However, Kirra really comes to life in the south westerly winds. 
Kirra really shines in a large swell. During southern swells in particular, Kirra provides big hollow tube rides that are both fast and furious. Featuring a right-hand point break, quick take offs and aggressive surfing is required to master Kirra’s surfing conditions. 

  1. Snapper Rocks

For a surfing destination with world class waves, look no further than Snapper Rocks. Home to the Corona Open, these waves will be championship worthy. In fact, the powerful waves can run for up to four hundred metres with a south westerly wind.
Known as the most competitive wave in Australia, Snapper Rocks is basically a two kilometre stretch of long waves and clean breaks. Despite being one of the best surfing spots in the world, Snapper Rocks is also beginner friendly. This is largely thanks to the favourable conditions that this beach regularly enjoys. 

  1. Rainbow Bay 

Rainbow Bay is often referred to as the perfect learn to surf destination. This beautiful destination benefits from the large waves that Snapper Rocks is famous for. This is because Rainbow Bay’s waves end up being the dregs of the lines that roll through Snapper Rocks. 

Learning to surf 

Coolangatta might be home to more famous pro surfers per square metre than any other town in the world, however it doesn’t take aspiring surfers for granted either. This is highlighted in the many surf schools scattered around Coolangatta’s beaches. So, while it may appear easy to find a surfing location, it’s even easier to find a reputable surfing school. 
Walkin’ On Water is the Gold Coast’s premier surf school. Operating from Greenmount Point, Walkin’ On Water offers comprehensive group or private lessons that enable most people to be catching waves, with the right technique, on their very first lesson. 

Ride the next wave into The Strand Coolangatta 

Looking for somewhere to rest after a long day of surfing? Unsure where to find the best surfing equipment or clothing? Coolangatta is the home of the Corona Open, an international tournament run by the World Surf League and you can learn what’s on in Coolangatta from The Strand.  Drop by The Strand at Coolangatta and visit Boardriders or Inverted Bodyboards for all your surf equipment or Sunburn for all your swimwear.

Once you have that sorted and have spent hours paddling, frolicking or just getting some rays you'll just about be ready to drop by for a snack to eat, you can choose from a range of quick grab & go options or sit down for a nice meal overlooking the surf breaks here.