OUT2LUNCH: Coolangatta's Hottest Beach Festival Brings Positive Energy To The Strand - The Strand at Coolangatta
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OUT2LUNCH: Coolangatta's Hottest Beach Festival Brings Positive Energy To The Strand

OUT2LUNCH: Coolangatta's Hottest Beach Festival Brings Positive Energy To The Strand

on 08 May 2024 in General News

Saturday 4 May, 2024 saw the nation’s largest beach festival take over Coolangatta, with 30,000 fans flocking to beach to experience the electrifying atmosphere and stellar lineup of international DJs, headlined by Gold Coast’s hometown hero FISHER.

Dubbed OUT2LUNCH, this festival was not your typical midday meal affair! The event, held right on the sands of Coolangatta Beach, brought together music lovers and party enthusiasts from all corners of the nation, transforming the southern Gold Coast into a hub of excitement and energy.

From midday onwards, The Strand precinct buzzed with anticipation as fans popped into shops to make last minute festival purchases such as outfits, sunglasses, suncream, ponchos, water and a quick bite to eat! As the afternoon sun emerged, festival goers hit the ground running into the vibrant festival entrance. Hilarious FISHER cardboard cutouts and photo moments peppered the entrance area, setting the stage for a day filled with unforgettable memories.

For the local community and businesses at The Strand, OUT2LUNCH was more than just a festival – it was tourism game-changer. Don, the pharmacist at Chempro, noted the surge in retail sales, particularly among younger adults. “This event was a fantastic opportunity to showcase Southern Gold Coast to potential new customers,” he remarked, sharing the sentiments of many local retailers who experienced increased foot traffic and brand exposure.

Steph, 2IC at Boardriders, highlighted the festival’s strategic timing, coinciding with the end of the WSL Surf Competition. “It all fits in well with our demographic and brand lifestyle,” she observed, emphasizing the positive impact on both business and community spirit.

Even food vendors like Saim from Cooly Kebabs saw unprecedented success, with record-breaking sales and lines stretching well into the night. “We sold over 800 kebabs! We hope to see a lot of these customers return,” he said, reflecting the optimism shared by businesses across The Strand.

Ethan, Team Leader from Grill’d Burgers, echoed the sentiment of success. “It was a fun day to work. Really positive vibes and great atmosphere. From 9pm we were slammed! Our Sunday trade was higher than usual with a huge pick up of delivery service orders!”

Kathryn Mills, Centre Manager of The Strand, expressed her gratitude to TEG Live, The Strand’s management, and security team for their instrumental role in ensuring the event’s success.

“Hosting such a prestigious festival in Coolangatta was truly remarkable,” she commented. “We look forward to its return annually to further enhance local tourism and shopping at The Strand.”

With OUT2LUNCH officially putting Coolangatta on the map, the Gold Coast community eagerly awaits the news for the 2025 instalment, with hopes of even greater involvement and opportunities for business growth.