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Smart Shopping: How to Save Money with Promotional Offers and Deals

Smart Shopping: How to Save Money with Promotional Offers and Deals

on 01 July 2023 in General News

Everyday expenses are seemingly rising. One way to help offset these rises is to employ elements of smart shopping across all purchases ranging from groceries and clothes to beauty products and travel arrangements.

While shopping smarter requires both a mindset shift and elements of research, the benefits definitely outweigh the time spent. Especially when you make an effort to track just how much you’re saving.

At the heart of smart shopping is utilising promotional offers and deals. Rather than forgoing certain purchases, you can add up loyalty points and essentially save money when you eventually buy that particular piece of clothing or grocery item.

The elements of smart shopping

Smart shopping encompasses more than simply cutting out coupons or signing up for a loyalty program. In order to save money, smart shoppers must employ a range of different strategies and techniques. This way, you can take advantage of a wide range of offers.

Finding the best deals

The first step to smart shopping is finding the best deals. Rather than simply going to the shops and purchasing items with sales tags on them, it’s important to research first and buy later. Cast your research net far and don’t forget to include the Strand’s Red Cross Shop.

By taking the time to conduct some research you can effectively compare and contrast the offerings at different supermarkets or stores that carry the same items. By utilising websites or online catalogues, you can work out where you need to go for the best deal.

Another key step to finding the best deal is factoring in promotional offers such as discounts, coupons, cashback offers or loyalty programs. By accounting for these variables in your calculations you are laying the platform for both short and long term savings.

Using coupons and promo codes

Coupons and promo codes can be found in a variety of different places. Some are sent through email or are outlined on a business’ website. When you go to the shops, you might find certain offers present on the back of your receipt. They can even be found in newspapers and magazines.

However, it’s important to note that there may be some rules surrounding coupon and promo code use. For example, if this is your first order with a certain company, they might give you a 10% off code. If they are also running a promotion at the moment for 20% off, you may not be able to use the two offers at the one time.

In another example, you may have different coupons that provide a certain percentage off the price of fruit and vegetable purchases and another coupon that lowers the cost of toilet paper. As these are different coupons, you may be able to combine them. Every store will have different policies and restrictions so it’s important to read the fine print ahead of time.

Taking advantage of loyalty programs

While each company will typically have their own loyalty program, some can be used in conjunction with each other. For example, take the Everyday Rewards program associated with Woolworths, Big W and the like. Every purchase over a certain threshold can be used to earn Qantas Frequent Flyer Points.

The other major supermarket, Coles, also has their own reward system known as Flybuys and points can also be earned when shopping at places like Kmart, Officeworks and Bunnings Warehouse.

By taking the time to sign up for and study loyalty programs, you can see how and where to earn points. For those looking to buy a certain gaming console for their child from Kmart, you may choose to grocery shop at Coles and take advantage of bonus point offers when they arise. These Flybuys points can then be converted to dollars to help pay for the console.

For those dreaming of a hotel stay or a flight, you may choose to shop at Woolworths and businesses that take Everyday Rewards. This way, every time you buy household items you are earning Frequent Flyer Points which can be used fully or in part to cover travel costs.

Being mindful of timing

Another element to smart shopping is understanding that sales and promo codes often operate in cycles. For example, there are always sales in the lead up to special occasions such as Easter, Mother’s Day and Christmas.

There are even sales associated with periods of seasonal change. As an example, as we approach winter, certain clothing brands might offer two for the price of one deals on thermals or thick socks.

It’s also worth noting that grocery specials come into effect on Wednesdays. Therefore, if you need a certain item, it’s always best to wait until mid week before purchasing just in case it goes on sale.

There are also food and drinks discounts to consider. Establishments such as the Pancake Diner Coolangatta offer frequent deals. Others may run a happy hour offer where drinks are cheaper. Meanwhile, locations such as the Cooly Hotel offer a seniors meal deal.

Promo codes are also subject to timing. For example, after making your first purchase with an online business, they may send you a code for 10% off your next purchase. Typically these codes will have an expiration date ranging from weeks to months.

Staying organised and tracking savings

An essential component to smart shopping is staying organised. Without organisation it can be hard to find and keep track of the best deals. Tracking savings is also made exponentially harder.

For some people, smart shopping is aided by the use of colour coordinated folders and sticky notes. For others, utilising modern technology such as apps and computer programs works wonders.

By finding an organisational method that accounts for when and where to research and how to coordinate that research, you are better placed to find the best deals. Meanwhile, tracking savings through apps provides tangible evidence that your efforts are worthwhile.

How smarter shopping has monetary benefits

While it can be tempting to impulse buy new clothes and accessories or head to the supermarket and fill up the trolley without the help of a list, these behaviours are actually quite harmful to your finances.

Without the help of smart shopping techniques, money saving opportunities are squandered and valuable loyalty points are left behind at the check out. This proves costly both now and in the future.

However, by taking the time to employ smart shopping strategies, there are both short and long term benefits to enjoy. In the short term, you can pick up key items on sale. In the long term, items purchased today will help you receive discounts on future purchases.