Discover the Magic of Sandy Crab Toy Store: Where Imagination Takes Flight - The Strand at Coolangatta
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Discover the Magic of Sandy Crab Toy Store: Where Imagination Takes Flight

Discover the Magic of Sandy Crab Toy Store: Where Imagination Takes Flight

on 26 July 2023 in Shopping

Discover the enchanting world of Sandy Crab Toy Store, a delightful haven for kids and families located right here at The Strand. Owned and nurtured by the creative Kate, each toy selection is carefully curated to spark joy and imagination in young minds. With a keen eye for quality and play value, Kate's collection offers a diverse range of toys that cater to every child's interests and preferences. From educational games that ignite curiosity to cuddly companions that bring comfort, Sandy Crab Toy Store has something special for every child. Join us as we delve into Kate's world of play, exploring her passion for providing children with the best play experiences and how she brings her store's magic to life at The Strand.

1. How does Sandy Crab Toy Store cater to different age groups, from toddlers to teens?

Sandy Crab Toy Store caters for a wide audience of children. As the only local store dedicated to all things children we offer a diverse range of gifts and all things fun. We have a broad range of categories that include gifting for the newest babies, to a whole area dedicated to Games & Games Nights. We have cute little Jewellery Boxes, Dolls, wonderful Wooden Toys, Puzzles, STEM, Books, Beach Toys, Pool Toys, roaring Vehicles plus so many more.

2. What unique educational toys or games does Sandy Crab offer to help kids learn while having fun?

Sandy Crab Toy Store has a great range of different and unique games that help kids learn all while having fun! Have you heard of Tongues Out, Genius Square or even Tenzi! Probably not, but they are loved by our locals, our educators and our health practitioners who visit in-store. We go searching to find the most interesting and interactive games and tools that provide hours of entertainment.

3. What are the top items that you sell at Sandy Crab?

  • Connetix Tiles – The most durable, and strongest Magnetic tiles on the market. They are the educational toy that helps children unlock their creativity. 
  • Magnatab – Is the oh so satisfying, calming, sensory toy that suits a vast range of ages. It helps with pencil group, focuses their attention, all while creating a sensory-based experience. 
  • Tenzi – The colourful dice game that everyone can play! A great game for building social, communication and fine motor skills. It's fast paced, easy to learn and can be handicapped for a variety of ages.

4. What role does playtime and creativity play in child development, and how can parents encourage imaginative play at home? 

Did you know the importance of play in your child's development? Play helps children build social connections, develop empathy and learn how to interact with others. How do you foster a rich play environment at home? Unstructured play time, screen free moments, a variety of open-ended toys, puzzles and games are some ways to get kids playing. But the biggest way to encourage play is parent interaction. We have loads of fun games and ideas to get everyone involved and play together!

5.How does Sandy Crab Toy Store engage with the local community and support local schools and events?

Sandy Crab Toy Store is a local family owned and run business. Our kids go to the local kindy's and schools. We love contributing to our local communities and regularly donate prize donations to schools, kindergartens and local Volunteer Surf Life Saving Clubs. We run a free Scavenger Hunt through our socials for all the local kids too! Stay Tuned for September School Holidays.

6. Can you share a heartwarming story of a child's reaction to finding their favourite toy or game at Sandy Crab Toy Store?

Our toys are loved by both parents and children. We recently had a little boy who's everything changed when his family added a little baby brother to the mix. Change brings big emotions and this little boy Lucas decided that bath's weren't for him anymore. With a new baby, sleepless nights and juggling the new family dynamic the parents decided to hop on into Sandy Crab to help find a solution for bath time. We were able to guide them towards some fun sensory lights that light-up the bath like a disco. Mum came in a week after, so Thankful and exclaiming how they were an instant hit and bath was now all fun and games again. We have knowledge and years of experience to help parents, or Grandparents and carers find the perfect gift for the little one's in their life.
Come and experience the wonder of Sandy Crab Toy Store at The Strand today, where cherished memories and endless play await!