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6 Gaming & Interactive Experiences to try on the Gold Coast

6 Gaming & Interactive Experiences to try on the Gold Coast

on 07 February 2020 in Dining & Entertainment

The Gold Coast is known for its adventurous side. Often when people think of the Gold Coast they automatically picture surfing or kayaking on the crystal clear beaches or mountain biking through the parklands. However, the Gold Coast has another side to it, a side that gamers and adventurous folk will love. 


The countless gaming and interactive experiences on the Gold Coast truly show what a versatile place it is for holidayers and residents alike. From mini golf courses and a unique Timezone experience to escape rooms and virtual reality sessions, the Gold Coast has something for everyone. 


Speaking honestly, Timezone should be the first stop for any gamer. This is mainly due to the fact that the Timezone Coolangatta is 3,000 square metres in size, meaning it offers non stop gaming fun for everyone involved. 


The Timezone entertainment centre features full size bowling lanes, dodgem cars and laser skirmish. You can also be sure to play the latest games, as Timezone has over 200 of the latest and most popular games on offer. Challenge your friends to a laser battle or simply delight in the 2, 3 or even 4D games on offer. 

Mini golf courses

The Gold Coast also features two very distinctive and exciting mini-golf courses. Each putt putt provider boasts three different courses, allowing families to have hours of fun. 

King Tutt’s Putt-Putt 

Located in Surfers Paradise, King Tutt’s Putt Putt has three exciting yet very different 18 hole courses to choose from. An Ancient Egyptian themed course features mummies and glow in the dark caves and is a perfect course for beginners. Jurassic Putt is ideal for competitive players as they will be forced to navigate moving dinosaurs and obstacles. While Tutt’s Challenge is a difficult outdoor course that comes alive in the nighttime. 

Putt Putt Mermaid Beach 

Putt Putt Mermaid Beach can be described as the ultimate mini-golf experience. Visitors can discover worlds of fun with three themed courses. The Fun Run course features an explosion of colour, characters and motorised obstacles. While Jungle Trail is like putting away on safari. Finally, Waterways is a putt putt paradise best explored at nighttime. 

Escape rooms 

Escape rooms are becoming an increasingly popular activity among quick thinking and savvy kids and adults. For those interested in fighting their way out of a locked room, the Gold Coast has two very different escape room experiences. 


Padlock’d is an escape room experience based on finding clues that will help your team stay alive. The way out you ask? Using your brains to find clues and solve puzzles. Teams have 60 minutes to make their way out.


Visitors to Padlock’d choose from unique escape room experiences, ranging from simple to extremely difficult. Teams can try and solve a commander’s murder, wake themselves up from a nightmare or escape from a safe house.  

Escape Hunt

Escape Hunt is all about games that take place in themed rooms that have been designed with incredible attention to detail. Once that door slams shut, people must work together to solve a series of clues. All while the clock is counting down. 


The difficulty level amongst the variety of escape room experiences ranges from beginner to advanced. Everyone who visits Escape Hunt gets to pick their own adventure. From solving murder mysteries to finding evidence to overturn a wrongful conviction, the potential for fun is limitless. 

Virtual reality & simulations 

With advances in technology have come innovative new ways to experience gaming. One of these ways is through virtual reality (VR) sessions. 

Xscape Reality 

Xscape Reality is the Gold Coast’s first VR gaming arcade. Xscape Reality invites individuals to experience the newest frontier in gaming entertainment. VR is one of the only places where people have the ability to remove themselves from modern-day life and immerse themselves in gaming. 


In the Xscape Reality premises, visitors can swim with whales, take on a pack of zombies and pretty much anything else they can think of. A VR session can be best described as a simulated, computer-generated environment where people can become immersed in a virtual, 3D world. 


VR technology tracks players’ every move in real-time so that you can interact with the game’s characters, walkthrough different scenes and move, shoot or duck to avoid obstacles. A trip to Xscape Reality is a fantastic, all weather activity. 


iFly Indoor Skydiving 


If you’ve always wanted to enjoy the adrenaline rush of sky diving, there’s a world of fun awaiting you at iFly. Participants – who can be as young as 3 years of age – will be briefed, geared up and instructed to commence their flight with skilled professional. This doubles as a great spectator sport for parents or the less adventurous who just want to see the action unfold

Endless hours of fun 

There is no shortage of immersive and downright fun gaming and interactive experiences on the Gold Coast. From a visit to Timezone or a mini-golf course to an escape room or virtual reality session, there are hours of fun to be had. The best part is, that unlike traditional console gaming, all these gaming experiences can be shared with family and friends. Check out The Strand Coolangatta for the latest interactive games and experiences.