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Why you should visit a barber

Why you should visit a barber

on 16 October 2015 in General News

Barbers are making a comeback – so why should you visit one? Barbers are specially trained to cut men’s hair, using clippers – the main tool in cutting men’s hair. Whereas a typical hairdresser is trained to cut women’s hair using scissors. This is the different between a so-so haircut and a great one. Of course they can also give you a great shave, with many barbers still using a traditional single-blade razor. Just like getting the right haircut for your face, there’s as much skill involved in shaping a beard to your face.

While a barber can give you the best shave of your life, it’s not just the awesome shave that makes it worthwhile – it’s the whole experience. While you lay back and relax on the barber chair, the barber will place a hot towel around your face to soften facial hair and open your skin’s pores. Shaving cream is liberally applied and then the barber carefully scrapes away your beard with a razor, giving you the closest, smoothest shave you’ll ever have! A cold towel is applied to close your pores, plus after shave to finish off this indulgent grooming experience. So say good bye to your plastic razor and shaving nicks and visit a barber – you’ll feel like a new man!

The Strand Coolangatta we have a number of great options for men's styling and grooming.  In Boardriders there's a cool and intimate boutique style barbershop drenched in surf culture and on the Griffith Street entrance you'll find The Strand Barber Shop, a traditional Barber's offering five seats and the finest in classic and modern Men's barbering and grooming with no appointments necessary.

Did you know?
During the Middle Ages, barbers also worked as dentists and surgeons, often removing teeth for customers. Of course, this was long before painkillers and anaesthetic were introduced, so this would have been a fairly gruesome job! Many barbers have a red, white and blue striped pole out the front of the shop – this signifies the different aspects of a barber’s job. Red represented blood and white represented bandages. Luckily, the barber’s trade has changed a lot since then!