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Commonwealth Games 2018: Best Fast Food in Coolangatta

Commonwealth Games 2018: Best Fast Food in Coolangatta

on 21 March 2018 in Events

This year’s Commonwealth Games will be in the Gold Coast – think beautiful, lengthy beaches, great weather, and incredible food. Is there a better location to host the games? We think not. You may want to do a bit of exploring in the area, too. If you’re thinking to head down to Coolangatta, a beautiful beach suburb, you must familiarise yourself first with all the mouth-watering fast food in the area – after all, a full belly equals a happy heart.

1. Cooly Hotel
A bit of a classic around the area, The Cooly Hotel is a fabulous place to calm rumbling tummies. Try the pulled pork, beef or Moroccan chicken sliders with a craft beer! Make sure you go there on full hungry mode, though, because their portions are big, tasty and quite filling. When it comes to service, the Cooly Hotel also delivers – staff are welcoming, cheerful and helpful. What’s not to love?

2. Grill'd Coolangatta
Grill’d is part of a huge fast food chain, that extends throughout the country. Famous for their healthier approach to the fast food concept (free-range chicken, no hormones added, using locally-farmed meat), Grill’d Coolangatta is the perfect spot to choose if you’re having fast food cravings but wouldn’t like to choose something really unhealthy. Food choices are quite filling, and you’re able to pick the bun of your liking as well. Combo options are also available.

3. Beach Burrito
Beach Burrito is a great spot to enjoy a delicious meal in, right across the road from the beach. They have a wide array of dishes, including fish, grilled chicken and pulled pork soft tacos. You also opt to try their veggie chilli fries – simply mouth-watering and quite innovative. Vegetarian options are available, so if this is your preference, make sure you try their exquisite veggie burrito – featuring halloumi and sweet potato. Finally, if you’re in for a truly Mexican experience, don’t leave without trying their hot sauce (but only if you can handle it!).

4. Selfish Fish N Chips
If you’re after a very Aussie meal, in a very Aussie setting, Selfish Fish N Chips is the perfect spot for you. Their location is premium, right on the promenade and overlooking the park and ocean. When it comes to the food, you won’t be disappointed – think fish, calamari, prawn cutlets and chips – all fresh and cooked to perfection. Staff are friendly and quick to serve you, so really, you’re in for a treat.

5. O-Sushi
If you’re in the hunt for a quick meal but would really like to skip the deep-fried stuff, O-Sushi is a great option. O-Sushi’s food options are always fresh, tasty, nice and sophisticated. You’ll be able to choose from mouth-watering dishes such as mini rice bowls, teriyaki chicken, takoyaki octopus balls, salmon and avocado sushi, and unagi eel sushi. It is also located near the beach, and they’re a great takeaway and family-friendly option.

6. Thanh Binh Bamboo
Thanh Binh Bamboo is a fantastic Asian Fusion restaurant with incredible Vietnamese, Japanese, Thai and Chinese food. Think fresh flavours and Yum Cha set amongst bamboo plants and mood lighting, with a varied menu featuring steamed buns, dumplings and gyoza. Conveniently located on Level 1 of The Strand Coolangatta, mouth-watering options include sushi, Thai curries, tempura, and local favourites such as mud crab in a special sauce – they have it all!

7. Delizioso
You can’t go wrong with modern Italian food – even though they experience a high volume of customers due to popularity, service is quick and reliable – you what you need when looking to satisfy your hunger! Located with a good view overlooking the beach, it’s a great option if you’re in the mood for pizza, pasta or something a little fancier – hint: they serve an amazing pork belly.

8. Charr'd
Another Aussie favourite, Charr’d will be sure to satisfy your food cravings. They feature farm fresh organic, hormone free and free range char-grilled pork, chicken, beef and lamb cooked on lava rocks. Charr’d is also fully licenced, which means, you can enjoy some wine or beer with your tasty meal. Smoky, crisp and juicy meat – this local favourite will not leave you feeling hungry!

9. Top Noodle
In the mood for a tantalising Japanese feed? Then head to Coolangatta’s favourite joint, Top Noodle. Located right next to the beach, Top Noodle offers affordable and authentic Japanese food, with a huge menu of over 90 delicious options – think gyoza, tempura, edamame, croquettes, ramen, roast pork, fried chicken, sushi, rice bowls, curry and sashimi.

10. Pancake Diner
Grab a booth, order a malted milkshake and get comfortable at this The American-inspired Diner on Level 1. Don’t be fooled by the name – there is more to the menu than their delicious, fluffy pancakes. Also dishing up a range of classic burgers, mouth-watering steaks, USA style glazed pork ribs, hotdogs, chicken schnitzels and parmigiana, fresh fish and salads, there is something to tempt all tastebuds.
For more incredible dining options, check out the new Strand Interactive Dining Guide.

Heading to Coolangatta for the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games? Make sure that after visiting all the stunning beaches and beautiful parks of the area, you also take your taste buds on a trip! Whether you’re after fish and chips, Mexican, burgers or Asian food, Coolangatta has you covered. If you’re not attending the games but want to get your fast food fix – we’re still offering two hours of free parking during the Games, or four hours if you are seeing a movie.