Commonwealth Games 2018: Finding Your Way Around the Coolangatta Beachfront - The Strand at Coolangatta
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Commonwealth Games 2018: Finding Your Way Around the Coolangatta Beachfront

Commonwealth Games 2018: Finding Your Way Around the Coolangatta Beachfront

on 21 March 2018 in Events

Ready for the largest multi-sport event to be held in Australia this decade? The Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games are coming full swing this 4 – 15 April – so whether you’re a local, a tourist or a competitor, it’ll be a good idea to prepare and inform yourself about the changes happening in the area, as well as finding your way around it. 

The Coolangatta Beachfront
Home to glorious beaches, world-class surf breaks, stunning skyline views, year-round sunshine and a vibrant seaside lifestyle, Coolangatta is the perfect venue to host these magnificent games. 
The Coolangatta Beachfront will host the Beach Volleyball competition – may we add, this is the first time Beach Volleyball is being staged at a Commonwealth Games, so it’s obviously quite exciting that this will be happening right at the Coolangatta Beachfront. Beach Volleyball competitions will run from Friday 6 to Thursday 12 April.
The Strand at Coolangatta

Coolangatta’s favourite shopping centre will be open every day before, during and after the Games – so you can continue to access the best dining, shopping and entertainment in the area. Regular trading hours will still apply during the Games and the Strand’s car park will be open as normal.
The Strand at Coolangatta is positioned right across the beach (and hence, the volleyball) – without a doubt, an incredible and convenient location – whether you need to do a quick shop to get the essentials, satisfy food cravings or would like to treat yourself to some retail therapy. 
In addition to great food, drinks and shopping, The Strand at Coolangatta will also be featuring top notch entertainment – local artists and musicians will perform in and around the centre during the Games to provide a fun ambience – perfect to pass the 90 minutes between session times!

Transport: Getting to Coolangatta Beachfront
If you’re driving to the Coolangatta Beachfront to see the Games, you can park at The Strand Coolangatta. From Friday 6 – Thursday 12 April, you can get two hours of free parking in the Strand’s underground car park, or four hours if you are seeing a movie!
A great (and picturesque) route to get there is the Oceanway pathway from Kirra. You’ll be able to walk past the beautiful Kirra Hill while also enjoying the outdoors – perfect! Additionally, if you wish to cycle to the Coolangatta Beachfront, there will be bike lock racks available, located at the northern end of the centre on the corner of Marine Parade and Dutton St, right outside the Coolangatta Library entrance. You’ll also find additional racks installed at Kirra Surf Club and Greenmount for up to 160 bikes.
If walking or cycling is not your thing, or you’re coming from further away, worry not. There will be a free surfside bus, which will drop spectators at the existing bus stops on Griffith Street. From there, you can walk around the perimeter of The Strand and down Warner Street, right to the event entrance. Park ‘n’ Ride will also be an option, from Betty Diamond Oval in Tugun or the Varsity Lakes Train Station. You’ll be dropped off at the Greenmount car park and from there, you can walk to the entry point in the park opposite the Coolangatta Hotel.

Important things to keep in mind
Finding your way around the Coolangatta Beachfront is not just about getting there, but planning ahead before getting there. Read below for some tips that will ensure you experience in Coolangatta for the Commonwealth Games is the best possible one.
Download the GC2018 App: It includes all the valuable information you’ll need to know for your events – such as venue maps, fun facts and more. You’ll also find a ‘Journey Planner’ on the app that’ll help you make sure you allow plenty of time for travel, entry, and departure from the event.

  • Arrive early: Remember there will be a lot of people, so leave early and forget about stressing. Gates will open up to 90 minutes before the beginning of each session.
  • Keep your ticket with you at all times: Make sure you have the correct ticket for a specific session, and always carry it with you – your ticket is also your free public transport card, so make the most of it, and don’t lose it!
  • Avoid taking bags, if possible: Just like every other big event in Australia, bags will slow you down – they’ll all have to be thoroughly checked upon entry, so if possible, take a little bum bag with just the essentials. Additionally, make sure it can fit underneath your seat. There'll be no storing facilities for bags.

Ready to enjoy this year’s Commonwealth Games in the Gold Coast? We hoped this guide helped you to better understand the event and how it’ll affect The Coolangatta Beachfront. Remember to plan ahead, make use of public transport, and always carry your ticket with you. And of course, bear in mind The Strand Coolangatta will always be there to help satisfy every food, entertainment or shopping-related need. Additionally, if you’d like to learn more about what to expect about the Games, click here or here.