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5 Reasons Why Using A Travel Agent Will Become The 'New Normal'

5 Reasons Why Using A Travel Agent Will Become The 'New Normal'

on 08 July 2021 in General News

1. Peace of Mind
We are ATAS accredited, but what does that mean? This is an industry accreditation scheme created by the Australian Federation of Travel Agents (AFTA). It sets the benchmark of quality and means that you are dealing with credible, well-trained professionals. You can trust us to have your best interests at heart.

2. Expert Knowledge

Guidance and Recommendations. We are trained destination and product experts. We have studied and tested destinations and suppliers for a long time so can easily recommend best suited options. We know all about things like destinations, itinerary planning, modes of transport, hotel options and more. Plus we can often give you local insider top tips! We are also constantly studying the ever-changing COVID related state and international border restrictions for our country and abroad.

3. Your Support When Things Go Wrong.

Regardless of how well laid out travel plans are, things can and will go wrong. Everyone knows that now more than ever. Won’t you feel relieved knowing you have someone on your side that can spend hours changing your plans, chasing your refunds, assisting with insurance claims and so on. We’ve also been known to successfully escalate issues for positive outcomes. It’s because we have the relationships and the contacts of the who’s who.

4. Save Time and Money.
You know how long it can take to research an itinerary, let alone all the options within that itinerary. Then there’s the abundance of booking options. If you don’t wish to dedicate all that time researching blogs, travel reviews, booking sites and social media, we can take care of that for you. We often also have access to exclusive deals meaning better value for you. Plus sometimes you get that little bit of extra value when you least expect it (ever received a random bottle of wine in your hotel room courtesy of your friendly travel agent before)?!

5. The Devil Is In the Detail.
If you don’t want to drive up to a state border or fly into another state only to discover you needed a border entry pass, or you didn't realise masks were mandatory on all flights, or you don't want to be combatting a swarm of flies and other tourists in Uluru, or not knowing the waterfalls have dried up in Kakadu by October (the list is endless!) well that’s when your travel agent might have just come in handy!

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