The Best Places to Fish in Coolangatta - The Strand at Coolangatta
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The Best Places to Fish in Coolangatta

The Best Places to Fish in Coolangatta

on 15 April 2020 in General News

Coolangatta is known as a world class surfing destination. The abundance of beaches feature top of the range swells in postcard perfect locations. In fact, the beaches in Coolangatta are so great that surfers come from all around the world to compete in professional competitions. 

However, what many people don’t know is that these world class surfing beaches also double as great places to fish. Coolangatta beaches really do have it all. Not only are there numerous places to go beach and creek fishing, but there is also a variety of fish waiting to be caught. 

Beach Fishing

There are a number of spots around Coolangatta that are perfect for beach fishing in every sense of the word. Coolangatta’s beaches are beautiful, clean and home to numerous types of fish. On any given day anglers can delight in everything from flathead to tuna. 

Snapper Rocks

Despite being famous for its large swells, Snapper Rocks is a great fishing destination. With a generally low tide and many sheltered spots for fishing, you couldn’t ask for more from Snapper Rocks. However, this beach fishing destination goes above and beyond when it comes to the variety of fish that call this beach home.

The rocks between Rainbow Bay and Point Danger are home to pelagic fish such as tailors and tuna. While bream, dart and even flathead can be found up near the sand jetty. In the open end of the gutter, which isn’t far off the reef, good volumes of bait fish can also be found all year round. 
Kirra Beach
Kirra Beach is a great fishing destination all year round. The reef is quite literally swarming with bait fish 12 months a year. Whilst the erosion of the seawall means that jewfish and tailor can be caught right off the beach.  

Another great thing about Kirra is the fact that it is a relatively quiet beach which makes for a relaxing fishing spot. Fishermen can spend the day casting a line in total peace and focusing on the task at hand. 

Coolangatta-Greenmount Beach

The two beaches cover around 800 metres of white sand, which means that there are plenty of spots where anglers can set up for a day of beach fishing. These two beaches feature gutters and fishing holes where the lucky can take their pick of snappers, breams and tailors. 

The low waves and presence of surf lifesavers makes this a great spot for families to go fishing. The various fish in the water means that kids and adults alike can learn how to reel in different types of fish. Budding anglers can also try their hand at casting into the rip from the sand or casting off the rocks. 

Creek Fishing 

When it comes to creek fishing in Coolangatta, there are a variety of picturesque and relaxing creeks for anglers to fish in. While the scenery may be great, the best part for fishermen is that these creeks can be explored by tinny or kayak or just by casting a line from along the banks. 

Tweed River

Anyone over 18 years old who is looking to fish in Tweed River will need a fishing license. However, the fee is more than reasonable when you consider the variety of fish that are ripe for the picking. Home to a great variety of bait fish, there are many different positions along Tweed River to assume in order to catch all types of fish. 

The rock wall and gutters along the edge of the Tweed River are a favoured hiding place for a large number of pelagic fish. Bass can be found in the upper reaches while mangrove jack can be caught to the south. In fact, the nature of this big river system means that when the tide gets going, it’s a fisherman’s paradise. 

Tallebudgera Creek

Tallebudgera Creek is a very versatile fishing spot. You can choose to fish from a tinny, boat and kayak or even from along the banks. The crystal blue waters of this creek means that visibility couldn’t be better. 

While flathead can be found near the mouth of the creek the best spot to cast a line is near the bridges. This is because bridges have a tendency to make deep holes which in fishing terms is akin to a gold mine. Typically big fish hide in and around the deep holes, making Tallebudgera a great spot for creek fishing.

Currumbin Creek 

Currumbin Creek is another versatile and picturesque location for creek fishing. Those looking to reel in a few catches can choose to set up in two locations thanks to the shaded platforms located along the boardwalk. 

Once you have your position sorted, it’s time to start fishing. Whiting, flathead and the occasional flounder can be found at Currumbin Creek. The particularly lucky fisherman may even catch a sand crab or squid during the cooler months. 

Fishing in Coolangatta 

From beach fishing at Snapper Rocks to creek fishing at Tallebudgera Creek, Coolangatta is an angler’s paradise. Not only is the fishing great, but the picturesque backdrops make for a great day all round. 

Beach fishing is allowed on all Gold Coast beaches so there is plenty of fishing fun to be had all year round. However, if the sea isn’t kind on any given day, you can always count on the Strand Coolangatta to provide a great meal for you and the family.