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7 Best Sushi Rolls

7 Best Sushi Rolls

on 19 January 2016 in General News

Once a niche and exotic delicacy in the West, sushi has exploded in popularity in recent years to rival traditional dining and takeaway options.

While adventurous diners can seek out authentic sushi and sashimi dishes, the most popular sushi rolls are those that have been designed specifically to please Western taste buds, and can be equally satisfying for first-timers and veterans alike.

7. Fugu sashi
No list of sushi is complete with giving honourable mention to this famously deadly glamour food. Fugu chefs in Japan and overseas need to be specially licensed before they can prepare the dish in a manner that's safe for human consumption, and while the risk of being poisoned is very low, the thrill factor keeps diners coming back for more.

6. Spicy tuna roll
Tuna is one of the most versatile tuna ingredients, and adding a dash of spice transforms a plain roll into something special. Spicy tuna rolls may also include masago, the eggs of the capelin fish that contribute to its distinctive flavour.

5. Salmon skin roll
Salmon is in high demand in Japanese restaurants, and all that skin doesn't go to waste. Choose sushi rolls wrapped in salmon for a different taste and texture to the usual nori seaweed, or enjoy its fresh, oily taste in B.C. rolls and Philadelphia rolls.

4. Kimbap
You can still enjoy sushi if you're averse to eating raw fish. Korean kimbap is a popular alternative, which can be made with a variety of cooked meats, fish and vegetables and comes in a different type of seaweed wrapping.

3. California roll
The ideal beginner's sushi, this fusion roll inverts the usual formula by placing the rice on the outside and the nori inside. Instead of raw fish, California rolls feature crab (or imitation crab), avocado, cucumber and roe.

2. Rainbow roll
A variant on the California roll for diners who don't balk at raw fish, rainbow rolls incorporate a wide variety of fish sashimi wrapped in avocado. Packed with healthy calories and omega-3, this is one of the healthiest sushi rolls out there, as long as you don't overdo it.

1. Futomaki roll
Known for its bulky profile, futomaki is also loaded with flavour and is the ultimate argument against sushi not being a filling dish. Incorporating seafood, omelet, cucumber and pickled vegetables, don't expect to devour this sushi in a single bite.

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