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Tips to survive the silly season

Tips to survive the silly season

on 15 December 2015 in General News

The festive season is a busy time of year – whether you’re drowning in piles of work before the Christmas break, battling the crowds doing their Christmas shopping, or just busy juggling your social calendar, it can be hard to find the time to be active and eat proper meals at this time of year. But it is possible to enjoy yourself over the festive season, without missing out on all the fun! Find out how:

Stay active: the key is to be flexible. Don’t give up your fitness routine altogether – if you can’t make it to your usual sessions, change up your routine and try something else. If your gym is closed, go for a walk, run or swim. If you usually play sport, why not try a class at Lorna Jane's Active Living Room instead – there's a wide range of fitness classes on offer including boxing, high intensity interval training, yoga and stretch classes, so you're spoilt for choice! Check the latest timetable here.

Be social: catching up with friends? Why not go for a walk so you can chat while you work out? Exercising with a friend is more fun and you’re less likely to cancel if someone is holding you accountable.

Practise moderation: you can still enjoy yourself, but try to balance out your socialising with a workout or healthy meal. If you’re planning a big night out, balance it out by eating healthily during the day and try to get a workout in if you can. If you do over-indulge, don’t beat yourself up over it. Just try to eat more healthily the next day.

Make the most of the warmer weather: summer is one of the easiest and most fun seasons to be active. With more sunlight and longer days, it’s much harder to find an excuse not to be outside moving! Plus, we’re more likely to eat lighter, healthier foods such as salads, rather than comfort-eating carbs. Showing more skin in the warmer weather is an added motivation!

Just dance: Christmas party drinks and nibbles can be heavy on the calories, but you can help burn it off by hitting the dancefloor. As if we needed an excuse!

Looking for more healthy living advice? With so much information availalble, it can be confusing to know what foods are healthy and what we should be eating. Check out our super simple healthy eating tips.