Winner of our 'Love Cooly to Win' photo competition - The Strand at Coolangatta
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Winner of our 'Love Cooly to Win' photo competition

Winner of our 'Love Cooly to Win' photo competition

on 26 April 2016 in General News

He may have grown up in Sydney, but Brendan Shanahan has a local's eye for capturing the natural beauty and breath-taking landscapes of our beautiful Southern Gold Coast. Local amateur photographer Brendan is the winner of our 'Love Cooly to Win' photo contest, where entrants submitted a photo or video showcasing Coolangatta at its best. With almost 300 entries, Brendan's beautiful photo of surfers enjoying a sunset at Rainbow Bay was a clear standout and impressed both locals who voted for their favourite and the judging panel who had the deciding vote. 

Despite having only picked up his first ever SLR camera just 2 years ago, Brendan talent and passion for photography is obvious and he is certainly one to watch.

How did you get started with photography?
It started out as a hobby but soon became an obsession. I always enjoyed taking photos on my holidays and then one day I decided to take it a step further and get a digital SLR about 2 years ago. 

Although you grew up in Sydney, you recently moved to the Gold Coast – what made you choose this part of the world as your new home?
I always enjoyed visiting the Gold Coast on holidays and then my wife and I decided we wanted a sea change. We always wanted to live as close to the beach as possible and what better place than the Gold Coast?!

What inspires you?
The work of some of Australia's best photographers that shoot right here on the Gold Coast. 

Who are your favourite local photographers?
There's a couple of favourite local photographers, Sean Scott Photography and DK Photography are some of the best that come to mind on the GC. One of my main influences is Wollongong based photographer William Patino. His photography journey and images are what aspire me to get to that level one day and travel the world and make a career doing it.

What is your favourite thing/s to photograph?
Seascapes and landscapes. 

What is your main goal as a photographer?
To eventually start shooting underwater photographs and start doing wave photography.

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