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How to start running

How to start running

on 20 April 2016 in General News

Now that autumn is here and the weather is a little cooler, it’s the perfect time to run outdoors – you don’t have to worry about over-heating and you get to enjoy our beautiful beaches as a backdrop for your workout. If you’ve never run before, the idea of going for a run may be intimidating – but we all have to start somewhere! Try these tips to help you get moving:

  1. Start slowly: If you don't run regularly, it's best to start slowly. Try adding short bouts of running to your regular walks and then gradually increase the time you spend running. If you start out too fast too soon, you're at risk of injury, but slow and steady increases will help you stay on track.
  2. Listen to your body: when you start working out a little harder, you can expect a few aches and pains but if you feel any sharp pains or pains that get worse as you move, that's a clear signal you need to rest and potentially see a doctor.
  3. Get the right fit: Worn out running shoes are a common cause of injury, so make sure you have a pair of shoes that provide support and fit your feet correctly. 
  4. Mix up your pace: running on a treadmill keeps you at a constant pace – running outdoors you'll be dealing with different inclines, different terrains and unpredictable weather. Run at a moderate pace that is comfortable for you while still challenging enough, and gradually increase your speed over several weeks.
  5. Set your route: if you're lucky enough to live on the Southern Gold Coast, there's no shortage of beautiful places to run, and the striking scenery will help keep you motivated! So whether you run in a park, along the beach or on your neighbourhood footpath, you’ll benefit from being outdoors in the fresh air. Just be sure to choose a route that is safe and comfortable for you.

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