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Where to Try Yoga in Coolangatta

Where to Try Yoga in Coolangatta

on 23 October 2018 in Health & Beauty

Yoga offers all kinds of physical and mental health benefits. Some, like greater flexibility, are obvious. Others, such as mental clarity and stress reduction, are more subtle but just as powerful.
With these benefits, it’s easy to see why so many people find yoga addictive. And the general feeling of increased well-being is something every person should experience, so if you haven’t already, here’s where you can experience yoga in Coolangatta.

Hot Tropical Yoga
Hot Tropical Yoga was the first boutique hot yoga studio in Australia and is the only specialised hot yoga studio on the Gold Coast. It offers more than nine different styles of hot yoga to enjoy, including Hot Tropical Yoga, Hot Props Flow, Mudra Fusion Yoga, Power Yoga, Silent Hot Yoga and Doga. There’s also a Hot Mama Yoga designed for expecting mums that’s non-heated.
Hot Tropical Yoga embraces ancient tradition in a modern art form of dynamic calorie burning yoga to tone, sculpt and de-stress. It’s designed to be enjoyed by everyone and helps you reach your best physically, mentally and spiritually.

Base Gym Coolangatta
With several yoga classes each week and as the Gold Coast’s only underground gym, Base Gym is a great place to get your yoga fix. The gym is located in the basement level of The Strand Coolangatta and provides the latest equipment and access to fresh, coastal air. The mix of male and female staff are able to cater for all fitness levels, and yoga classes are well attended and loved. Base Gym offers several membership options that will give you access to enjoy pilates, boxing, functional training, cross training and more.

Blackbird Yoga & Fitness
You’ll find Blackbird Yoga & Fitness in various locations around Coolangatta and the Gold Coast. There are plenty of yoga options that you can find by checking out their timetable, including a free class every Friday at 6:30am in Lagoona Park, Palm Beach. Other classes are available at 6am to 10am every Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. You can also follow Blackbird Yoga & Fitness on Instagram.

Coolangatta Yoga Centre
The Coolangatta Yoga Centre, located at 124 Marine Parade, Coolangatta, runs asana classes for all levels every day. Asanas are a means of enhancing the capacity of the body and mind, enabling you to meditate for long periods of time. A beautiful, spiritual practice, asana teachings help remove the distractions from your life. No bookings are necessary, so simply turn up ten minutes before your desired class whenever you feel like a yoga fix.

Free Yoga 

Join Boardriders Coolangatta for a free Vinyasa yoga class hosted by Krystal Sayer every ‪Saturday morning 6.30-7.30am‬ (QLD Time) rain, hail or shine! Whether your 8 or 80 years old, and absolute beginner or seasoned yogi, all ages and experience are welcome. All mats, blocks and straps are provided. Feel free to bring a towel, warm clothes and a bottle of water.

What you should know about yoga before you start
If you’re just starting out on your yoga journey you should know that yoga has many different layers. Each practice is unique, so make sure to be present and enjoy discovering it all. Don’t panic if you’re not sure what you’re doing, as everyone starts a beginner at some point.
When you practice yoga you’re in your body, on your mat, and have your own experience. Try not to compare yourself to the others in the room, instead listen to your teacher, check your alignment, and stay in your zone.
Despite what many people think, yoga isn’t about how bendy you are, so if you can’t turn yourself into a pretzel, that’s okay. Your breath is the most important aspect of yoga, so if you lose your breath because you’re trying to push yourself into a pose, you’ve lost the art of yoga. Take your time, do what you can, and concentrate on your breathing. This will open up the areas of tension in your body so that you’ll leave your class feeling wonderful.
Remember, yoga is one percent theory and 99 percent practice. That means your joy will come when you roll out your mat and practice it again. You don’t need super long sessions and it doesn’t have to be every day, but regular practice will inevitably have a positive effect on your life.

The role of food in yoga
While many people don’t realise it, food is an important part of yoga. Much of the yogic prescription for food comes straight from the yamas and niyimas – yoga’s “do’s and “don’ts” as described in Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra.
Yoga encourages people to develop their own internal awareness and to discover what foods work best for them. It does this by encouraging you to keep a food diary to figure out what foods make you feel good and what foods make you feel lethargic. Self-study, or svadhyaya, is a yogic approach to finding a diet that best suits you so that you can eat healthily and make smart choices when eating out.

Hungry after yoga?
Luckily The Strand Coolangatta has plenty of healthy choices on offer, making eating out and grocery shopping easy. So if you’re feeling hungry after a yoga session, refuel at The Strand.