Cool Takes the Cake at Gelato Messina - The Strand at Coolangatta
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Cool Takes the Cake at Gelato Messina

Cool Takes the Cake at Gelato Messina

on 18 October 2016 in General News

So how do you pick? We’ve put together a handy guide to the Top 5 Gelato Cakes to tempt your tastebuds.

  1. Dr Evil’s Magic Mushroom: Formed in the shape of a mushroom, this unique design is packed with dark chocolate gelato, peanut cookies and dulce de leche. It even sits on a grass bed of popping candy, white chocolate and crushed biscuits before the finishing touches of flourless chocolate sponge, red ganache and white chocolate buttons. This option is an absolute winner for all ages. 
  2. Tiramisu: This will change the way you think of this classic dessert, with layers of white chocolate, coffee, biscuits and tiramisu gelato, topped with coffee meringue in a unique bowl like design. The ball of goodness that sits atop is filled with coffee and masala gel and dusted in both coffee beans and dark chocolate and is a definite crowd pleaser. 
  3. Juliette: Attention Strawberry lovers, this is for you. With a centre of strawberry sorbet, vanilla semifreddo and strawberry gelato and resting on a base of strawberry syrup soaked sponge, you will be in heaven. 
  4. Triple Chocolate: If you can’t go past chocolate and are looking for a bit of indulgence, this one is a winner. Milk chocolate gelato encases sticks of white and dark chocolate gelato. It’s finished off with a white chocolate velvet spray and rests of a thin layer of flourless chocolate sponge. 
  5. Hazelnut Zucotto: This masterpiece almost looks too good to eat! The dome like structure is filled with hazelnut and gianduia gelato, encased in a Frangelico soaked sponge with white chocolate and hazelnut cream and finished with a gianduia glaze.

 To get your hands on one of Gelato Messina’s delicious Gelato Cakes, give them a call on (07) 5536 5488 or come and visit them along Marine Parade at The Strand at Coolangatta.