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Meet Delizioso's Head Chef & Owner

Meet Delizioso's Head Chef & Owner

on 06 May 2016 in General News

After 25 years in the kitchen, Head Chef and Owner at Delizioso at The Strand, Brad Nascone, still finds passion in what he does every day, inspired by his Italian heritage and local, seasonal produce.

When did your passion for food begin?
I have always enjoyed cooking, but my passion really began when I was still in school. I started an apprenticeship and my passion has just continued to grow. I’ve been fortunate to have won several awards throughout my career and feature on the Today Show and in Gourmet Traveller Magazine to showcase my cooking style. Even 25 years on I still always look forward to a new day doing what I love.

What is your favourite dish?
I enjoy cooking all Italian dishes, but some of my favourites are Risotto Pescatora (risotto with  apoli sauce, mussels, prawns, calamari, vongole and slipper lobster), and Porchetta (rolled pork belly served with truffle mashed potatoes, apple puree, gorgonzola cream and finished with a red wine jus).

What do you cook at home?
When I’m home I like to cook different pastas and meat dishes. I love going to the local suppliers for seafood, meat and fruit and veg so I choose based on the best quality that I find at the time. There is nothing better than fresh, local seafood.

What influences inspire the menu at Delizioso?
Being part Sicilian I have always loved the flavours and styles that Italy offers. Italian food is filled with different flavours from different regions that we can combine onto the menu to showcase the best Italy has to offer. I’m passionate about cooking traditional styles with a modern twist.

Red or white wine?
I prefer white, but I do enjoy a red with my meal. When the concept for Delizioso at The Strand was being put together one of the major elements of the restaurant was to have the wine cellar. This was a very important part of the design to have some of the best wines from Italy and Australia to match the food that we cook at the restaurant.

Dessert or Cheese?
For me it really depends on the meal. If I am still drinking a nice bottle of wine then I love enjoying a good cheese, like an Aged Pecorino from Italy but sometimes I’ll go for a nice dessert like Cannoli.