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Eyebrow Threading

Eyebrow Threading

on 24 July 2017 in General News

If you’re at all conscious about skincare and your looks, you’ve likely heard of eyebrow threading. The hair removal technique has been practiced in Asia and the Middle East for centuries, and is considered the best way to maintain eyebrow shape and structure – especially for women with sensitive skin. Unlike waxing, threading doesn’t remove any skin, meaning you’re better protected against sun damage – not to mention pain.
By far the least invasive method of hair removal, threading leaves a graceful brow with clean, defined edges that frame the eye.

How does eyebrow threading work?
Eyebrow threading is performed by twisting double strands of cotton thread which are then swept along the skin. With rhythmic movement, unwanted hairs are lifted from the follicle via the thread with precision and finesse. The thread targets individual hairs keeping skin irritation to a minimum, and because it requires no cream, gel, wax, or depilatory products, your skin is protected further against irritants and skin pollutants.
Quick and simple, eyebrow threading takes around 5-7 minutes to complete. If you’re using the method to remove unwanted lip or facial hair, you should allow up to 20 minutes.

What are the benefits?
There is a reason why eyebrow threading has gained in popularity over the years, and that’s it’s many benefits. Until recently, waxing has been the most common practice when it comes to hair removal in the western world (especially when it comes to brows), but more skin care specialists are suggesting that threading is the better alternative. For one, it’s more effective and longer lasting than waxing, and while there are ways to keep your brow in line between grooming sessions, prolonging removal as long as possible should always be your goal.

1. No chemicals
Threading has no chemical element to it, making it the safest option for those with sensitive skin needs. Store bought and salon wax can contain harsh chemicals, and if you can avoid ingredients like carcinogenic parabens, artificial fragrances and dangerous dyes, why not?  

2. Long-lasting
Threading can last anywhere from four to 10 weeks, compared with waxing which generally lasts no more than six weeks. Threading grabs even the shortest of hairs, meaning complete rather than partial removal. All hair where threading takes place is removed in its entirety, and growing hair back from scratch takes time. Another plus is that unlike waxing, you don’t have to wait until your hairs come totally back in before having a repeat session. Threading every four to six weeks could mean the end of grow-in for good.

3. Preciseness
Threading allows a technician to be as precise as humanly possible, with close access to each individual hair. Threading follows the natural line of your eyebrow, resulting in an end look that perfectly frames your eyes and unique facial structure.

4. Cleanliness
Not only is threading a fast technique, it’s a clean technique too. Using a new piece of thread with every new client, technicians can feel confident that clients are safe. With wax, there’s always the chance that the wax could become contaminated by a client’s bacteria or even blood from double dipping.

5. Comfort
Unlike waxing, which can be surprising and jarring on the skin, threading doesn’t trigger extreme pain or redness. Try threading the fuzz located on the back of your hand first if you’re worried, and you’ll see that threading is rarely painful. Threading can be an unusual sensation, but because it targets only the hair and not the skin, you should manage the feeling just fine. Most first-timers are pleasantly surprised by the experience.

6. Affordability
Because threading lasts longer than other hair removal techniques, threading is affordable and kind on the beauty regime budget. At Eyebrow World, you can be put on a eyebrow shaping plan over a course of visits, and by keeping on top of regrowth you can keep costs at a minimum. Because you are choosing eyebrow specialists, you can save on costs associated with beautician training and overheads too.

Why you should try threading
If waxing irritates your skin and plucking leaves you with ingrown hairs, it’s high time you jumped on the trend of eyebrow threading. Threading is as simple as it sounds and the highly experienced team at Eyebrow World can remove individual hairs quickly and cleanly with very little fuss.
Everybody’s tolerance for pain differs, but we like to think that you’ll still be smiling when you walk out the doors of Eyebrow World to continue your shopping at The Strand Coolangatta. You can even make an appointment during your lunch break, and no one will know what you’ve been up to – aside from the fact that you’ll have amazing looking eyebrows!
Threading tackles individual hair follicles, so if you’ve had trouble in the past training the shape of your eyebrows, you really should give threading a go. Threading makes developing your brow’s natural arch easier, so if you’ve dreamed of perfect eyebrows, threading is your best way to get them. If you have a particular look you desire, talk to the team to see what they can do.