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How to keep the Winter blues away – naturally

How to keep the Winter blues away – naturally

on 09 July 2015 in General News

Believe it or not it's that time of year again. The first cold snap of the year often has us sniffling and scouring our cupboards for last year’s leftover cold and flu remedies. But thanks to a few helpful hints from Saara – our resident Naturopath at Healthy House on Level 1 – you can keep the winter blues at bay by incorporating these easy, natural methods into your day to day routine. 

PREPARE: As seasons change from warm and moist into cool and dry, it's important to remember to adjust our dietary habits, food and fluid intake to protect our bodies from the potential perils over winter. 

By increasing essential fats in our diet throughout the autumn months, it protects our mucous membranes of nose, throat, eyes and airways from drying out and becoming more susceptible to allergens, dust and microbes. 

Tip #1: Up the ante with organic, cold-pressed oils such as fish oil, coconut oil, cod liver oil, flax or hemp seed oil and butter or ghee. 

HYDRATE: Fluid intake is another issue. As the months get colder, most of us reduce our water intake. As much as we like to reach for a coffee or tea to warm up, these drinks can increase the rate of minerals excreted and can also bind to minerals and prevent their absorption in our bodies. But don’t think you have to forego that warm fuzzy feeling – herbal teas are not only warming and delicious, they also hydrate and nourish your body.

Tip #2: Opt for herbal teas over coffee or regular tea. Brew it in an insulated stainless steel jug and take it with you.

IMMUNE BOOST: Several nutrients will also assist in the body's immune defence. The key players are Vitamin C and bioflavonoids (especially quercetin), zinc, betacarotene and Vitamin D. These nutrients will help to strengthen mucous membranes in the airways and eyes, promote healing and increase the strength of your cells and collagen.

Tip #3: Stock up on nutrient-rich foods including fresh lemons, citrus fruits and fresh berries (for Vitamin C and bioflavonoids), goji berries and orange-coloured fruit and vegetables (betacarotene and flavonoids). Why not grab an energising juice or smoothie from Top Juice? You can also add pumpkin seeds (zinc) and egg yolk, cod liver oil, and mushrooms (Vitamin D) to your diet.

Tip #4: Mix fresh garlic, ginger, turmeric, cayenne and lemon with hot water, apple cider vinegar and coconut oil for Jungle Juice with a health-boosting kick!  

Don't forget probiotics at this time of year also. Natural sources include kefir (a Turkish yoghurt available in dairy or coconut water for non-dairy), as well as sauerkraut, non-pasteurised miso and umeboshi plums.

SUPPLEMENT: Supplements containing immune-boosting, anti-bacterial and anti-viral herbs such as Echinacea, Andrographis and Olive Leaf extract can all reduce the incidence of infection, as well as reducing the actual sickness time if an infection takes hold, especially if taken at the first sign of symptoms.

PREVENT: Of course, prevention is better than cure. So for prevention or for those who just can't make like Taylor and shake it off, Astragalus is an amazing herb for treating recurring infections and post-viral fatigue. Medicinal mushrooms such as Reishi, Shiitake and Cordyceps are most valuable for their immune-enhancing benefits also. 

With winter already upon us, it’s time to get started on these immune boosting tips! Pop in and say hi to the team and check out the beautiful new Healthy House store on Level 1, and book in a consultation with one of the holistic health team in their private treatment room. For bookings phone 5536 8465 or email