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Why do most men dislike shopping with women?

Why do most men dislike shopping with women?

on 13 February 2015 in General News

Of course not all women love shopping and not all men hate it, however there’s little doubt that generally speaking, shopping is a more popular pastime for women than men. A British survey conducted in 2013 confirmed the unsurprising news that men become bored with shopping after just 26 minutes. Women, on the other hand, are quite content to shop for around two hours before losing interest. 

So why do men dislike shopping with women? It’s most likely due to different shopping styles. Typically, men shop with a specific target in mind, and prefer to make a quick selection and then leave. Women, on the other hand, even if they are looking for a specific item, are generally happy to wander and browse through various shops, examining a number of different options before making a purchase. These different approaches are responsible for many an argument in the car park after a day of shopping together. Indeed, almost fifty per cent of men surveyed admitting to feeling frustrated with their other half after buying what they needed straight away, while their partner took too long to make a purchase. 

So can men and women shop together harmoniously, or should they go their separate ways? Before you abandon your partner on your next shopping trip, here are a few ideas that just might save the day:

  • Rest and relaxation: an oasis in a shopping mall, many centres offer relaxation areas where shoppers can rest and recover from shopping fatigue. With comfortable lounges, drinks, magazines, free WiFi and phone chargers, it’s the perfect sanctuary for men to pass the time while their partners shop.
  • Carrot and stick: while of course we’d never encourage bribery, there is something to be said for the power of a promised reward! 58% of men surveyed said they were more likely to at least act as though they enjoyed shopping with their partner if they were offered a treat such as a meal or drink afterwards. 
  • And for those men who will never enjoy shopping, there’s always a Männergarten: a day care centre for men where they eat, drink, play games and watch sports on TV while their partner shops up a storm. A surprise success in Germany, its proven a win-win situation for both parties: women dropping off their partner are given a receipt in exchange for a few hours peace to get their shopping done, while the men enjoying the relaxed atmosphere and male bonding of the Männergarten. We can only hope the idea catches on here.
  • Of course if you're shopping at The Strand, there's plenty of ways for men to amuse themselves while their partners shop. Enjoy free wifi, catch a movie at our 6 cinema complex, grab a bite to eat from one of our vibrant beachfront dining options, or just relax with a drink and enjoy the million dollar view from our dining precinct.