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Service with a smile at Smile Street Dental

28 August - 26 April
All day
Smile Street Dental on Level 1
Dr Ramesh Sivabalan worked as a Dentist in private practice for eight years before opening Smile St. With an interest in all aspects of dentistry, including cosmetic and implant, Dr Sivabalan and his team are changing the way we think about a trip to the dentist. 

Q. What makes Smile St different?

A. Smile St is a fresh, friendly and comprehensive space in which most dental treatments can be completed. Our treatments are gentle, effective and take less time in the chair than traditional dentistry. We make your health and comfort our priority every time. 

Q. How is Smile St's methods different to traditional dentistry?

A. We pride ourselves on educating patients as much as treating them. A patient who understands why they are receiving a treatment and following what we ask them to do at home, will have less issues and an overall better dental health experience.

Q. What is the secret to great oral health?

A. Good brushing, flossing or inter-dental cleaning (cleaning between teeth with piksters) and a healthy diet with minimal refined sugars.

Q. Who can come and see you?

A. Everyone! We offer a wide range of services from general dentistry to braces, cosmetic dentistry to teeth whitening as well as wisdom teeth extractions, to name a few. 

Smile St is located on Level 1 next to Esteem Medi Spa. For more details call 07 5391 1319 or visit
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