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Expand + Distill - Level Up Studio + Gallery

An exhibition of works by Ryan Findlay, Sapodia Lindley, Julian Reisinger and Katie Tooth
19 September - 27 October
09:00 AM - 15:00 PM
Level Up Studio + Gallery

Expand + Distil brings together the dynamic works of four emerging artists from the Gold Coast working in different mediums: video and text with Sapodia Lindley, painting by Ryan Findlay and Katie Tooth, and photography by Julian Reisinger.
The exhibition title Expand + Distil makes reference to the investigative processes of artmaking; the expanded and experimental form, the journeying towards refinement and the culmination of a deliberated work.
Exhibition dates 19 September - 27 October
Opening night Saturday 21 September 5pm - 7pm
Gallery hours Tuesday to Friday, 9am to 4pm
Level Up Gallery Level 1, Shop 143, The Strand at Coolangatta (located near the Coolangatta Library)
Contact details or 07 5581 6691
Emerging artist Ryan Findlay creates paintings that straddle the line between figuration and abstraction, where detectable landscapes are submerged in a dreamlike existence. His mark making is intrinsically expressive and carries the welcoming combination of chaotic intuition and orderly implementation of colour and form. His pieces carry a distinct energy and movement evoking a reservoir of memory and feeling that is both sublime and also transient, reflecting the often elusive nature of ‘belonging’ to any place and time.
Ryan has a private studio on the Gold Coast where he has been building up a body of work that will be launched on his upcoming website. He has already sold works in Melbourne and Los Angeles as well as locally. Ryan also works part time as a youth counsellor and enjoys supporting the younger generation in finding their light.

IG: @ryanfindlaypainter
Sapodia is a poet, freelance writer and auteur filmmaker whose work is inspired by mythology, symbolism and surrealism. Notes to Jala is her first book of poetry that explores a focus on the physical form, and conversely, the loss of it. The accompanying Notes to Jala super 8mm film trailer acts as an extension to her poetry by building a visual world for it to inhabit. Having studied a Diploma of Screen and Media and a Bachelor of Journalism and Film studies, Sapodia uses her art practice to find new and interesting ways to form a relationship between language and visual mediums. The underlying tones that carry her work are based in contrast to show a tension and close link, between grief and charm.

IG:  @sapodia
From Bavaria – Berlin – Innsbruck – now Coolangatta.
Julian’s photographic work is a study of photography and cinematography, the exploration of eliciting emotions produced by colour and light.
Julian is greatly inspired by surrealism, abstraction, expressionism and impressionism art movements and by photographers Adam Ansel, Horst P.Horst, Jerry Uelsmann and Ernst Haas. He also finds the work of painters Claude Monet, Vincent Van Gogh, John Russell and J.M.W Turner strongly evocative.
Julian combines cinematic storytelling and use of colour in his abstract photography to create art which attracts and invites the audience to engage. The outer environment and physical movement within the image compels consideration of the interplay of inner light and shadow. The longer you look, the more you see.


IG: @jln.reisinger
m:  0418 966 236
Born and raised on the shores of Queensland, Katie Tooth is inspired by the incredible beaches beside which she picked up her first paint brush.
More recently Katie has been experimenting with colour with her painting palette. Moving towards an emphasis on blue hues accompanied by vivid pinks, purples and greens, gives her work a strong visual cohesion.
Katie’s technical process is about building layers of bright colour which she reworks so that the textured designs and vibrancy pop off the paintings.
Much like memories, each painting is filled with layer upon layer of paint, building a rich history into each piece. Katie’s artworks can be described as 'technical abstractions’. This is a style centered on her love of structured geometric forms paired with unstructured and free flowing painting techniques.


IG:  @katietooth_artist
m:   0403 707 744

The City of Gold Coast’s Level Up studio + gallery is a one of a kind community arts space on the Gold Coast, comprising of three key components: the Level Up residency, the Level Up gallery and our public programs. This new space is designed to provide access to art experiences for young people and adults within the local community and beyond, through public programs hosting a range of creative activations, such as art workshops, artist talks, school holiday workshops, networking events and an exciting exhibition program.
The Level Up residency is a youth arts incubator, which supports and nurtures the development of young and emerging artists practicing in the early stages of their career. The Level Up gallery is a contemporary art space which showcases the works of young and emerging local arts practitioners. The aim of the Level Up gallery is to provide young local artists with a professional venue for exhibitions of new work.
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