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Level up exhibition: Seijaku: tranquillity in the midst of activity

04 April - 12 May
09:00 AM - 16:00 PM
Level Up studio + gallery, Level 1 near Library

Seijaku: tranquillity in the midst of activity

Bree Dalgliesh, Olivia Gyene, Kiana Larkins

About the exhibition
Seijaku is an aesthetic principle from Japan describing a quality of tranquillity found in the midst of activity. Through ocean photography, monochromatic illustration and painting, the three artists in this exhibition evoke a sense of Seijaku, moments of stillness within movement.
Exhibition dates - 4 April – 12 May
Meet the artists – Bree Dalgliesh - Wednesday 17 April 10am – 1pm, Olivia Gyene - Wednesday 1 May 10am – 1pm
Gallery hours - Monday to Friday, 9am to 4pm
Level Up Gallery - Level 1, Shop 143, The Strand at Coolangatta (located near the Coolangatta Library)
Contact details - email on or 07 5581 6691
Bree has had a lifelong love affair with the ocean, encompassing every aspect of the coastal lifestyle and capturing the essence of this in her work. Moving into ocean photography was a natural extension of her love for the water and the way light meets water. Bree strongly believes in the connection between humans and the sea, and has a unique way of capturing this in a soft and romantic manner.
Pairing the soft, crisp and clean coastal tones with an eye for immaculate detail, she has a way of drawing in and alluring people from all over the world to fall in love with her imagery. Bree's calling is to capture the moments of subtle beauty that take her breath away and transfer that through to artwork that captures ones heart and transports them to a calm and dream like state that only the ocean can evoke.
Mi Alma - "My Soul"
Meet the artist:
Bree will be at Level Up gallery on Wednesday 17 April, 10am – 1pm to meet with visitors.
 m: 0403 703 442

“I am a self-taught artist based in Queensland, Australia.  My work is mixed medium, mainly comprising of graphite, charcoal, acrylic paint and photography.
From a young age I loved to draw and paint, with my own style ever-evolving. My love for drawing, painting and photography really took root during my high school years. That is where I spent more time exploring, learning new techniques, and discovering how much art can be an expression of our emotions.
In each piece I create, I want to convey and capture feeling and emotion. I take inspiration from a variety of artists including Bec Winnel and her whimsical, delicate feminine style; Peter Terrin’s raw use of palette knives and spatulas in painting; foremost though my inspiration comes from my own experiences in life.
My aim is to create pieces that connect with my audience and which can bring a feeling of calmness and joy.”
Meet the artist:
Olivia will be at Level Up gallery on Wednesday 1 May, 10am – 1pm
 m: 0430 085 612

From the rivers of Katherine to the ocean and hills of Northern NSW, Kiana has always been immersed in mother nature in all her glory.
Kiana’s family is from Turkey Creek, the Warmun region in Western Australia and they belong to the Gija people. Kiana was born in one of the most beautiful regions of Australia, surrounded by magnificent rivers, vast wildlife and raging storms. The majority of her youth was spent swimming and playing in the sun. Along with her family, she spent all the time possible by the river; fishing, camping, swimming and eating fresh fish.
From her later teenage years, up until today, Kiana has lived on the east coast of Australia. Within these years, she has explored everything the Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast and Northern NSW has to offer, from the islands and creeks, to the mountains and the valleys.
Art came to her at a young age, always wanting to paint and create. Kiana’s art practice has stemmed from a deep place within, wanting to learn more about her own culture and herself individually. Kiana’s art practice is slowly allowing her to embrace her culture in a contemporary style.   

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