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More Than Nuggets: 10 Places Offering Great Kids Menus in Coolangatta

More Than Nuggets: 10 Places Offering Great Kids Menus in Coolangatta

on 18 September 2018 in Family

Kids menus don’t have to be all about chicken nuggets and chips. Today’s kids menus can be just as exciting as the adults. This is certainly true in Coolangatta where there’s something to cater to every child’s taste.
Have an adventurous eater and want something more than just chicken nuggets and chips? Check out these fantastic options for kids…
Where to Find the Best Kids Menus in Coolangatta

1. Beach Burrito – DIY Taco Kit
Beach Burrito knows how to look after its little amigos. Not only does it offer kids activity packs for $2 to keep your kids busy, but they also offer a DIY Taco Kit complete with two tortillas, two pieces of fish or chicken, rice, lettuce, cheese, beans, pico de gatto and tomato sauce. Fun and tasty!

2. Passiontree Velvet – Teddy Bear’s Picnic
The Teddy Bear Picnic high tea at Passiontree Velvet is a delightful treat for kids on a special occasion. Featuring ham sandwiches, strawberry and strawberry macaron it’s paired with either a babyccino or juice.

3. Crema Espresso – Fairy Bread
What Aussie child doesn’t love a bit of fairy bread? A fresh slice of bread topped with hundreds and thousands for $2 equals nothing but smiles. If you’d prefer something a little more savoury, your kids will love the cheesy toasted fingers with three chipolatas at Crema Espresso.
4. Delizioso – Lamb Shank with Steamed Vegetables and Mash Potato
Bringing the acclaimed casual Italian style of Delizioso on Oxford to the Strand Coolangatta, Delizioso Coolangatta is pizza and pasta heaven. More than that though it knows how to look after kids, especially with its delicious offerings like lamb shank with steamed veggies and mash. Other favourites the kids will love include lasagne and calamari.
5. Grill’d Healthy Burgers – Chicken Mini Me Pack
Combining a mini chicken burger with tasty cheese and tomato sauce with mini chips and a bottle of water, Grill’d Healthy Burgers Chicken Mini Me Pack is a healthy take on kid favourite Mcdonalds. Served on a panini bun and in their own little box it’s just like a happy meal only fancier and healthier.
6. Jaffles HQ – Classic Beans Jaffle
An extra special version of the one mum makes at home Jaffles HQs Classic Beans Jaffle is filled with baked beans, smoked ham, shallots and tasty cheese. It’s a taste sensation both adults and kids can’t get enough of.
7. Max-Brenner – Tutti-Frutti Waffle
Kids will get excited about anything on the Max Brenner menu, from the bubblegum flavoured milkshakes and exploding chocolate shots to the Fondue for Two and Fantastic Popsicle Fondue. Our favourite for kids though is the Tutti Frutti Waffles, Belgian waffle served with ice cream, fresh strawberries and bananas.

8. Coolangatta Surf Club – Butter Chicken with Rice & Pappadum
As well as favourites such as tagliatelle bolognese and chicken schnitzel with chips and salad the Coolangatta Surf Club offers a melt-in-your-mouth butter chicken with rice and pappadum. For $11 your child will enjoy a drink and activity pack as well.

9. Pancake Diner – Mini Just Breakfast
Pancakes would be an obvious choice for kids at the Pancake Diner but just in case you weren’t aware, the Pancake Diner also offers a Mini Just Breakfast made up of eggs, bacon a hash brown and choice of drink. If pancakes aren’t your child’s thing, the Diner’s got you covered.

10. Top Noodle – Mini Chashu Rice Bowl
For just $5 you can feed your little one a Mini Chashu Rice Bowl at Top Noodle. A Japanese favourite it packs a punch of flavour and features tender pieces of roasted pork. The gyozas at Top Noodle are a popular choice too.
For the not-so-adventurous eaters…
Do your kids prefer something a little more ‘classic kids meal’? The Coolangatta Hotel has you covered with all the classics like cheeseburger and chips, fish and chips, chicken nuggets, spaghetti with napoli sauce, steak, salad and chips and ham and pineapple pizza. Spend an extra $1 (bringing your kids meal to $9) and your child will receive a glass of soft drink and a Street’s Paddle Pop ice cream too.
Want to push your little one to be more adventurous with their food? Take them on a tour of the Strand at Coolangatta and make a game out of them trying something new. Once they’ve tried something ‘different’, treat them to a fun outing at Timezone or take them to a movie of their choice at BCC Cinemas. You’ll be amazed by what they’ll try when there’s a prize on offer!