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Strand Stories: Lucy Verrall – BCC Cinemas Coolangatta

on 04 September 2017
While she’s new on the scene at BCC Cinemas Coolangatta, Lucy Verrall has been at the movies all of her life.
She began working at BCC Cinemas when she was 14, and has remained with the company for over 13 years in various roles. “I started as an usher, ripping tickets at the door and in the Candy at the BCC Cinemas in Lismore,” says the energetic 27-year-old.

She got her first General Manager gig at the age of 21, when she moved to Coffs Harbour. From there she has been General Manager at cinemas in Darwin and Brisbane, eventually moving back to her southern roots. Wanting to be closer to family, Lucy took the opportunity to manage BCC Cinemas Coolangatta at The Strand, and moved to the Southern Gold Coast earlier in 2017.  

Apart from the idyllic location, Lucy loves the Coolangatta lifestyle, and has brought her years of experience to the fore at the iconic Coolangatta cinema complex.

With more time to enjoy the movies, Lucy has concentrated on introducing plenty of activities for seniors over 60 – including regular events, morning teas and $9 movies through the Cinebuzz Seniors Club.

“Seniors may not know that it’s free for over 60s to join the Seniors Club through Cinebuzz, which entitles them to $9 movies – every session, all year round,” she said.  

“Since introducing our Seniors morning teas, we’ve had hundreds of movie-goers enjoying these sessions – especially the lucky door prizes.”

But it’s not just seniors that can benefit. Coolangatta has its own discount code for Cinebuzz members to join for free – they can simply enter the Coolangatta code – MSC001262 – and get $12.50 tickets for adults and $10.50 tickets for kids for all 2D movies, every time, all year round.

Lucy has also moved to introduce more alternative content to the weekly schedule, appealing to locals. “We are bringing a lot of limited release films to Coolangatta,” she said.

“Blockbusters are not the only movies that draw people into the cinema. For us it’s about having a good film mix, including alternate content and acclaimed Critics’ Choice films which are alternative titles that are often based on true stories or true events. I plan to continue to deliver a different range of content for locals and visitors to Coolangatta to enjoy.”

For Lucy, her next steps are to keep providing a more affordable experience for families through Coolangatta’s School Holiday Member Saver pricing, offering $8 kids and $10 Adult tickets for family films over school holidays. She also looks forward to delivering more offers for students.

“I’m also very keen to work with local businesses and locals to bring more people here. We’re such a big venue, I want to see the Coolangatta business community working together to fill the town.”

Lucy has been hard at work and is excited to soon introduce special offers and packages with other businesses at The Strand, including Timezone Coolangatta and BiN72 to create great experiences for diners, shoppers, visitors and locals.

BCC Cinemas Coolangatta is located on Level 2 at The Strand. 
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