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Veg-friendly Spots Around Coolangatta

on 21 October 2019 in General News
One of the biggest trends over recent years has been striving to live more vegan or vegetarian friendly lifestyles. Not too long ago dedicated vegan restaurants or menus would have been few and far between. Understandably this made it harder for individuals to live lifestyles that were substantially better for the planet. Increasingly however, there has been vegan cafes and restaurants popping up left right and centre. 
As the food industry increasingly starts to accept methods that ensure no animals are harmed in the making of food other sectors of the market have started to follow suit. For example, vegans and vegetarians in Coolangatta can visit restaurants, cafes, local markets and grocers and leave with their conscience intact. 

Veg-friendly restaurants 

The great news for vegans is that with more and more vegan restaurants opening up, there is more choice than ever when you decide to have a meal out on the town. 

BKA Vegan 

Located in Burleigh Heads, BKA Vegan has quite an interesting menu and name. BKA stands for be kind always. BKA is anything but one dimensional. Its menu hosts Asian inspired dishes that are a true treat to the stomach. What is even better is the fact that there is a long menu of delicious, creative cocktails on offer as well. 

Greenhouse Canteen and Bar

The fact that Greenhouse has two locations really speaks for itself. This cruelty free dining option thrives off challenging people’s perception of the vegan lifestyle. One of the great things about Greenhouse is that the cuisine is so varied you could have a different meal every single time you go. For example, there’s American, raw, western and fusion options filtered throughout the menu. 

Izakaya Midor 

Izakaya Midor is the Gold Coast’s first fully plant based Japanese restaurant and bar. Visitors can expect re-imagined, yet amazing dishes all made with produce from nature. Izakaya Midor aims to reinvent the typical associations we have with Japanese cuisine by taking the food back to its roots. 

Local markets

Those living the vegan life can busy themselves during the weekend or on weekdays at the many markets hosted throughout the community. This is largely due to the fact that the Gold Coast has a fresh and relaxed approach to markets, offering a diverse selection of crafts and produce. 

Marina Mirage Farmers Market 

This undercover market will see most visitors strolling throughout the offerings from opening to closing. At the Marina Mirage Farmers Market you are sure to find plenty of fresh produce, artisan products and delicious gluten-free baked goods. The markets are open on Saturdays from 7am to midday. 

Gold Coast Organic Farmers Market 

This market is the only Gold Coast farmers market dedicated entirely to certified organic produce. Visitors can find fresh produce, bread, a range of organic food stalls, cosmetics, cleaning products and much more. The market also plays host to community stalls promoting environmental awareness as well as natural health practices and products. 
The Gold Coast Organic Farmers Market is multifaceted. This is due to the fact that visitors can learn cooking, grab a bite to eat or purchase some organic bed linen. The market runs every Sunday from 6am to 11:30am. 

Veg-friendly grocers

Vegans living near the Gold and Tweed Coast are in for a big surprise. Recently a dedicated vegan supermarket has opened its doors. Vegan Aisle is the first dedicated vegan supermarket the Gold Coast has ever had. 
The brains behind Vegan Aisle have gone to the ends of the earth to source hard to get products and brands. This is because the owners wanted to make vegan products readily accessible for eager locals. Vegan Aisle is a vegan’s paradise with everything you’ll need to live your best plant based lifestyle. 
Vegan Aisle houses products like muesli, chips and chocolates. As well as essentials like vegetables, pasta and crackers. It really is a one stop shop with dedicated stalls packed with cleaning and beauty products. Visitors will also find a fridge full of cold products like nut milks and ice cream. More importantly, there are cabinets brimming with fresh pastries, sweets and raw treats. 

Living in veg-friendly Coolangatta

What was once labelled as a fad is now taking the food scene by storm. As more people committed to living a vegan lifestyle, the food sector steadily began to provide dining options for those looking for cruelty free dining. Vegan restaurants were once few and far between but now there are a range of options around Coolangatta for vegans to dine in accordance with their lifestyle. The vegan lifestyle has also prompted dedicated grocers and markets to appear. Helping make the world a more sustainable place. 
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