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How to Pick the Right Secret Santa Gift + 5 Top Gift Ideas

on 20 November 2019 in Shopping

Finding the Right Secret Santa Gift 

The secret to finding the right Secret Santa gift lies in one thing and one thing only… knowing the person you are buying the gift for. If your buying for a work colleague, doing your research through looking at their social media platforms or having a glance at the contents of their desk can give you the best indication of what type of gift they would value. If you are participating in a Secret Santa gift exchange with family, you might take some of the same research approaches but likely rely on conversations with other family members to get a gauge on what they need or want this Christmas.


Once you’ve done some research, you’ll be equipped with new knowledge of their interests and personality traits to guide your hunt for the perfect gift. Start with a shortlist of gifts you expect to align with your budget. If you’re buying for family, you’ll likely have a bigger budget and therefore, more potential presents to consider. If you’re buying for someone in the office, it might best to focus on something practical which doesn’t break the bank. 


There are occasions where the person you are buying for already has everything that opens and shuts when it comes to a particular interest or hobby. If this is the case, perhaps making the present an event is the way to go. For instance, a fan of Harry Potter might not benefit from yet another copy of the first novel. Yet, they would love a ticket to the Harry Potter musical. While this present can’t be used forever, it creates a memory that will last a lifetime.

Making the Gift Personal 

The more personal a gift, the better. This shows the person receiving the gift that you have taken the time to think about them in order to give the perfect gift.


There are so many ways to make a gift personal. Firstly, of course, there is the idea of giving a gift that the person actually likes. Yet there are other, more important ways that you can add personal touches to gifts. 


A personalised gift makes the whole gift giving experience that little bit more special. For example, if you’re giving an avid writer a notebook, you could have the outside engraved with their name or a nickname that you’ve given them. Alternatively, you could have a special photo printed onto the notebook cover. 


Another way to personalise a gift is to actually add a personal touch in there as well. This could take the form of creating a piece of art to give to the person. Using the notebook idea, you could draw a picture or write a handwritten note that could be printed on the cover. That way, wherever the notebook goes, there will always be a reminder of you as well. Adding a bit of your personality acts as a nice way for the gift receiver to remember your kindness. 

5 Top Gift Ideas 

  1. Wallet Crossbody 

For the female in your life who loves to shop, yet doesn’t want to be inhibited by holding a bag. The Strand Coolangatta stores like Boo Boo’s will help you out with this one. 

  1. Headphones 

This is the perfect gift for those who love listening to music or who are always on a desperate hunt for headphones when they are jumping into a video call. 

  1. Adult colouring book 

This is the perfect gift for your colleague who loves to relax and unwind. If their favourite show is Game of Thrones, get a GOT themed colouring book in order to go that extra mile. 

  1. Bath gift set 

We all know a stressed out mum that needs to relax. This bath gift set is a thoughtful way to show a mum that you’re listening to her when she says she needs some ‘me’ time. Endota Spa at The Strand Coolangatta can help with this. 

  1. Personalised Christmas ornament

The perfect gift to give at Christmas may just, in fact, be a Christmas ornament. It can be used straight away and a personalised ornament will have the gift receiver feeling special. 

Shopping During the Festive Season 

When it comes down to it, getting to know the person you are buying for goes a long way towards securing the perfect gift. Once you understand a person, you begin to know what they would or wouldn’t like. At the end of the day, even if you feel like you have an ok present, adding a personal touch like monogramming or including a handwritten note will take this present to the next level. 

Take the stress out of secret Santa shopping with the selection of stores at The Strand Coolangatta. Browse our stores today or our browse our Christmas Gift Guide today.

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