A Shopaholic’s Guide to the Gold Coast - The Strand at Coolangatta
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A Shopaholic’s Guide to the Gold Coast

A Shopaholic’s Guide to the Gold Coast

on 20 November 2019 in Shopping

Smarter Shopping Tips 

The act of shopping is meant to be fun, so you should have a plan of attack that allows you to shop smarter not harder. Before even setting foot in the shopping centre there are a few things you should do in order to make the most out of your trip. 

Have a plan 

Without a clear idea of what you’re looking for, buying clothes can be overwhelming. The best thing to do before going shopping is to take notes on the looks you like. Then, deconstruct the looks, piece by piece, to work out what it is you like about the look. From there you can get a sense of the styles you are searching for in the shopping centre. If you’re not searching for a full outfit, decide what aesthetic and features you want from the item you are trying to replace. This could be anything from researching waterproof vs regular mascara to planning to visit a specialty shoe store.

Another way to limit unnecessary stress is to organise logistics. This accounts for a whole range of activities you could do before you even arrive. Making your way to the centre via public transport could take more time but eliminate the stress of circling the car park so it’s important to weigh up the pros and cons. Another good practice is to make a list of your preferred stores and visit them in a logical order so that you don’t waste time and energy by doubling back to stores you missed.

Your plan should also involve how much time you can actually be at the shops. Going shopping during a lunch break can work for smaller purchases but sometimes, insufficient time to browse can make you’ll feel pressure and you could end up buying things you don’t need. Successful shopping takes time and patience, so treat yourself to a mindful shopping trip with ample time and the right amount of breaks – even if it’s just for a coffee.  

Prepare for your shopping trip

Not all shopping trips are created the same. Sometimes, you’ll need a power hour of retail therapy and other times, a lazy weekend browse with the family works just fine. Whether going solo or keeping it social, there are a few ways you can prepare.

If you want to go shopping because your wardrobe needs an update, you might want to start by culling old and worn out items. A basic rule to live by is – if you haven’t worn it in a year, it needs to go but depending on the season and your budget, you might need to make a small priority list of items to replace and keep a wish-list of more expensive pieces. If you’re doing this with kids clothes, you might want to review what brands and styles were both durable and well-liked as kids tend to pick a favourite and wear it until it’s threadbare.

If you are heading out with a friend, there’s a good chance you’ll be sharing fashion ideas and advice as you go from store to store. Completing a cull & tidy with a trusted friend could promote honest feedback and help you hold each other accountable to your wardrobe refresh plans. For the days that you might prefer to connect and catch up, taking browsing at your pace and find a cosy shopping ‘rest stops’ at a cafe, bar or gelateria.  

Know the Best Stores on the Gold Coast 

When trying to find the right clothes, it is essential to shop at the right stores. You can be sure that the Strand Coolangatta has the right store for you. 

Beach N Beyond 

Located on the ground floor 

Shop here for the latest in both casual and beach fashion 

Boardwalk Boutique 

Located on the ground floor 

Shop here for reputable and quality footwear brands

Boo Boo’s 

Located on the ground floor 

Shop here for bright colours and relaxed modern styles 

Esteem’s Boutique 

Located on the ground floor 

Shop here for stylish and affordable clothing and accessories 

Halo & Horns 

Located on the ground floor 

Shop here for affordable bamboo clothing for newborn babies 

Lorna Jane 

Located on the ground floor

Shop here for the top quality activewear 

My Juju Dance Fever 

Located on the ground floor

Shop here for quality dance products for all styles 

Olive & Vern 

Located on the ground floor 

Shop here for a range of dresses, play suits and more 


Located on the ground floor 

Shop here for unique ladies clothing and accessories 

Sabah Lifestyle 

Located on the ground floor 

Shop here for coastal-inspired and relaxed 

Saltwater Silver

Located on the ground floor

Shop here for unique handmade jewellery that captures the magic of the local region 


Located on the ground floor 

Shop here for access to the most sought after swimwear brands 

Shopping on the Gold Coast 

Recently refurbished, The Strand Coolangatta is complete with all the shopping necessities and stellar restaurants for you to refuel at along the way. Armed with your new shopping tips, enjoy Coolangatta’s top shopping complex

Looking for that special something for a family or ready to treat yourself to a new statement piece? Visit The Strand Coolangatta for a large range of stores to delight your senses and add to your wardrobe.