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10 Creative Mother’s Day Gift Ideas That Your Mum Will Love

10 Creative Mother’s Day Gift Ideas That Your Mum Will Love

on 09 May 2023 in General News

When it comes to Mother’s Day gift ideas, there are many different ways to show mum how much you love and appreciate all they do. However, the best gifts often come from the heart. With this in mind, get creative this Mother’s Day.

Before buying a gift, think about what your mum really loves. By getting a gift that encapsulates your mum, they will know just how much you love and care. For mum’s, there is no greater gift than that.

10 great gift ideas mum will love

Whether your mum likes jewellery, enjoys a spa day or has a unique interest such as miniature doll houses, there are different ways to infuse Mother’s Day gift giving with creativity and love.

1. Personalised piece of jewellery or accessory 

Instead of giving mum a book of chocolates or bouquet of flowers, think of a gift that is equal parts long lasting and thoughtful. With this in mind, think about whether your mum enjoys wearing rings, bracelets or necklaces. 

Head to the Strand’s Saltwater Silver, inspired by the natural beauty of her surroundings and her love for surfing the stunning coastlines of Southern Queensland and exploring the lush valleys of Northern Rivers, Sarah's jewellery reflects her passion for the ocean and nature.

2. Thoughtful gift basket or care package

Gathering all of your mum’s favourite things in one gift basket or care package is a great way to make them feel special. Something as simple as remembering your mum’s favourite magazine or chocolate bar goes a long way to helping mums feel understood. 

3. Custom photo album or memory book 

A lot of mums have photos and videos in shelving units that seldom see the light of day. To encourage walks down memory lane, make a custom photo album or memory book, complete with a handmade card from the Card Making Station at the Strand, sponsored by Lincraft.

By taking the time to curate certain photos or moments in time into one place, you’re not only looking back on memories but creating new ones. Mum will love this level of sentimentality and thoughtfulness.

4. A home cooked meal or culinary experience 

Cooking a meal for a loved one is a great way to show you care. Whether making french toast or a roast, there is a lot of time and effort involved. Plus, mums will especially enjoy a meal that they didn’t have to cook! For a great bonding activity, consider attending a cooking class.

5. Unique and meaningful piece of art or home decor

When shopping with mum, they may have pointed out a piece of art or home decor that they would love to own. However, it’s often the case that mum may leave the store without buying it.

To show your mum that you listen, you could head to their favourite store and buy that specific piece. If your mum isn’t a window shopper, you might like to look at their collectables and add a piece each year to the collection. 

6. Personalised clothing or accessories

The rise of the internet means that there are now more avenues than ever before to buy personalised clothing items or accessories. Think pyjamas for mum that display you and your sibling’s faces. You can even create a blanket that features your mum’s favourite photo. 

7. Relaxing spa day

Oftentimes mums won’t take the time to head to the spa for a day of pampering and relaxation. To encourage mum to indulge in pampering and invest in their wellbeing, you could organise a spa day at the Strand’s Mother’s Pamper Station event, sponsored by Endota.

To help make the day even more special, you might like to accompany your mum or invite a few close family or friends to help make the occasion even more memorable. Consider visiting the Strand’s Gloss Nail Bar for matching manicures or Esteem Medi Spa for a treatment.

8. A fun experience 

There are so many different activities to participate in. From painting and pottery classes to the Strand’s Gin Tasting Bar Event, sponsored by Cooly Liquor. Each of these activities will provide the opportunity to experience something new that mum will love.

9. A subscription box

Whether your mum loves running, books, old movies or building model doll houses, there is a subscription box for all different kinds of interests and hobbies. By setting up your mum with a subscription box you are showing them that you understand and respect their interests. 

Whatever your mum’s interests, the box will provide the foundation for activities that can be completed together.

10. An adventure to remember

When it comes to making Mother’s Day special, experiences matter just as much as tangible gifts. With this in mind, consider taking mum on a hike that offers incredible views. Organise a staycation close to home or visit a meaningful location together.

The best way to celebrate mum this Mother’s Day

Every child wants to spoil and celebrate their mum properly on Mother’s Day. While it can be easy to feel overwhelmed by gift options, let your heart lead the way. Think about what your mum loves the most and find creative ways to incorporate them into your celebrations.