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14 Fun Activities for the Kids Outside of the Holidays

on 10 May 2019 in Family

Looking for activities to keep the kids happy and engaged? Check out this list of great ideas from The Strand Coolangatta.

You probably already have plenty of special activities for keeping your kids occupied during long school-holiday days, but what about fun, more spontaneous things you can do during term time? Keeping kids occupied - whether it's just for an hour or for a whole weekend - with rewarding activities could stimulate their brains and keep their growing bodies active.
1. Decorate cupcakes
Help the kids bake cupcakes or cookies, then have a decorating competition. Set up bowls of icing colours, sprinkles, lollies, and chocolate bits and encourage them to use their imaginations. Award the best decoration before you enjoy a delicious afternoon tea together.
2. DIY bubble solution
Little kids love blowing bubbles and watching them floating away. Get the kids playing outside by making your own bubble solution with dish soap and glycerin, and creating your own bubble wands with floral wire and colourful beads.
3. Grow a garden of herbs
Cultivate the green thumb in your kids by showing them how to grow their own herb garden. Get some pots, soil, and seeds and put the kids in charge of watering the little garden every day.
4. Schedule a movie marathon
Pass a rainy afternoon with a movie marathon featuring your kids' favourite films. Lay out some healthful snacks - veggie sticks and dips, popcorn, nuts, and berries - sit back and enjoy.
5. Make a worm farm
Teach kids about the importance of soil, compost, and worms in the garden by helping them make a worm farm from scratch. Buy some worms and use materials like styrofoam boxes to get started. Assign responsibility to the kids for regularly adding food scraps, and they’ll love watching their worm farm expand.
6. Play string telephones
Old-fashioned games can be the most enjoyable, and kids will love making their own string telephone network and chatting to each other. Show them how to make the phones with string and empty tins or paper cups.
7. Create sheet art
Have an old sheet lying around? Set out some non-toxic fabric paint and brushes and let the kids paint it. You can show the kids how to visualise and plan a mural. Once it's dry, the kids can hang it up in a chosen spot in the house.
8. Hold a craft day
Kids love arts and crafts, so why not hold a craft day or craft afternoon? Get out the paints, brushes, and paper. For something different, get the kids to collect things from nature like feathers, pine cones, leaves, and flowers and use them in their art and craft creations. Alternatively, you can go through the recycling bin together and pick out cereal boxes, cardboard boxes, and plastic cartons the kids can make into masks, colourful pen holders, and other things.
9. Organise an at-home picnic
Pull out the picnic mat and basket and pack some delicious food and drink for a picnic - in the backyard. Ask the kids to participate in the food preparation, and once you've "arrived" at your picnic spot, have them set out the mat and lay out the food. Make it as fun as a picnic at the park with ball games and other activities on the lawn after your picnic.
10. Make bird feeders
Spend a few hours showing the kids how to create homemade bird feeders and fill them up with bird seed. You can use old jars, plates and saucers, recycled tins, and even old milk cartons. Show the kids how to hang them up or set them out in the garden.
11. Grow egg heads
Get the kids started on making some egg heads. Stick some googly eyes on egg shells and fill the shells with cotton wool or compose. Sprinkle watercress seeds, chia seeds, lentil seeds, and/or mung beans on top, spray with water, and wait for the egg man to sprout some green "hair." Later the kids will be able to harvest the yummy greens for a sandwich or salad.
12. Make a fort or cubby
With an old sheet, rug, or tablecloth, you can turn the dining table or the spare space under the stairs into a fort or cubby. Your kids can pass a few fun-filled hours play games like defending the fort.
13. Weave some baskets
Have the kids create some baskets from scratch using construction paper, grass reeds, or other appropriate arts and crafts materials. They can paint and decorate the baskets once they're weaved, and then fill them up with things like rocks, shells, and other natural treasures.
14. Fly a kite
Have nothing to do on a windy day? Engage the kids in making and flying their own DIY kites. All you need is basic items like paper, string, straws, and ribbons to get started. Kids will love the sense of accomplishment in making their kite and seeing it fly.
Get ready for hours of fun
Keeping your kids entertained and stimulated doesn't have to be a huge challenge. Keep this list of ideas on hand so you'll always have a great idea when the kids declare, "I'm bored!"
If you’re tired of trying to entertain the kids yourself, take them to The Strand Coolangatta. Our entertainment facilities include a six-cinema complex and a Timezone complete with bowling lanes, dodge cars, and laser skirmish. Check out our fantastic facilities to keep the kids entertained today.

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