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72-80 Marine Parade Coolangatta, QLD, 4225

Offering traditional Chinese medicine, remedial massage and massage therapy. 

Traditional Chinese medicine has been around for over 5000 years and includes acupuncture, Chinese herbs and massage. It can be used to treat a variety of issues, including infertility, high blood pressure, insomnia, IBS, cancer, skin conditions, sciatica, muscular skeletal issues and obesity. Treatments aim to improve your daily quality of life, reducing the ageing speed of your internal organs, and helping you reach maximum life potential. 

Acupuncture: very fine needles are inserted into specific acupoints to remedy “blood and Qi” disorders and balance the functioning of the body. Needles are left in place for 15 to 30 minutes.

Chinese herbs: herbs can be prescribed as pills, powder, raw herbs or liquid format. These are designed to treat the cause of the issue, rather than just the symptoms.

Massage: Chinese massage has a positive effect on the body by increasing blood flow, enhancing oxygen in local tissue, and activating endorphins.

Chinese medicine treatments offer a gentle and holistic approach to your health, taking into account the functioning of your whole body, rather than just treating a single ailment. Chinese medicine believes that all parts of the body are connected and aims to treat the cause of the issue rather than just the symptoms. Five main internal organs are focused on, which are linked to other organs in the body: liver (linked to gall bladder), lungs (linked to large intestine), kidneys (linked to bladder), heart (linked to small intestine) and spleen (linked with stomach).

Each program is adapted specifically to each patient’s individual needs, teaching you to listen to your body and helping you to:

  • Feel healthier
  • Lose weight
  • Sleep better
  • Gain relief from chronic pain
  • Stop living with headaches and fatigue, and
  • Have a stronger, healthier body for the rest of your life