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 Mastery Schools Australia (MSA) is Australia’s first dedicated, concept middle school from years 4-10 who cater for students struggling academically and socially in mainstream schooling due to learning difficulties such as - but, not exclusive to - dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia, and adhd.
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8AM - 4PM
8AM - 4PM
8AM - 4PM
8AM - 4PM
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Mastery Schools Australia (MSA) is Australia’s first dedicated, non-profit middle school catering for kids with learning difficulties that struggle to fit into the mainstream schooling system. 

Mainstream schools can make it difficult for a student struggling in the classroom to keep up with the learning material as big classes and overcrowded curriculums can overwhelm students who are struggling with their learning. 

Mastery Schools Australia offers something mainstream cannot. We offer hope and relief for parents and an educational voice to those who have never had the opportunity to have one.  

We use evidence and research-based learning structures that ensure every student has the opportunity to learn at their level and pace. At MSA we meet every student's needs and address their educational gap with individualised support and systems so they can excel academically and socially.

Research tells us that there is a significant number of middle school aged students who have disengaged from mainstream schooling due to social, emotional or behavioural difficulties. This is why we focus on exceptional teaching, quality curriculum, and tailored support for our students so no child gets left behind. 

If your child is struggling or falling behind in a mainstream school, Mastery Schools Australia could provide your child with the support they need. 

To express your interest, you are more than welcome to come in and say hello or complete the form online via

MSA (ACN 634115101) is a not-for-profit company registered with ASIC and the ACNC