We chat to one of our clients Tristan Minter from Apparition Media

What do you like most about The Strand?

The Strand has an amazing location, right on the foreshore across the road from the beach which is perfect for our kind of executions.

What are you trying to achieve through your casual leasing?

The goal of the last campaign was to promote Corona as the summer beer, linked most closely to surfing and beach culture. The aim was to elevate the Corona brand against some competitor brands who are trying to push into that segment of the market.

Why do you choose The Strand?

The main reason we chose The Strand was a  combination of location and great service from the staff.

Would you recommend The Strand to other Businesses?

We sure would! We had a super positive experience with The Strand the entire way through the project.  We were successful in gaining more awareness of Corona during the Quicksilver pro surf contest.

Apparition Media is an Australian advertising agency and studio that produces the highest quality hand-painted murals. They work with some of the biggest brands in Australia and worldwide to create not just an advertisement but a memorable creative experience that will linger in people’s minds long after they have seen the execution.