Hook, line and sinker...
Hook, line and sinker...

Top 5 Fishing Spots in Coolangatta

Today, Coolangatta may be most famous for its surf breaks, but these sheltered bays and reefs have an even longer association with fishing.

With landmarks named after local catches and an endless supply of fresh fish gracing market stalls and restaurant menus all year round, it should come as no surprise that Coolangatta is one of the Gold Coast's fishing hotspots. Here are the five best places to swing a line out from the beach, the rocks or fishing platforms.

1. Snapper Rocks

Queensland's southernmost beach offers ideal fishing conditions with its generally low tide and sheltered location. Pelagics such as bonito, tailor and tuna can be caught off the rocks between Rainbow Bay and Point Danger, or you can head up to the sand pumping jetty for more variety, including bream, dart, flathead and whiting.

2. Coolangatta-Greenmount Beach

Head north from Snapper Rocks for convenient beach fishing in holes and gutters along the 800-metre stretch of Coolangatta and Greenmount Beaches. You'll need a longer rod when casting into the rip from the sand, or you can cast off the rocks at Greenmount Hill in search of bream and dart.

Coolangatta and Greenmount are safe choices for family fishing, due to their low waves and the presence of Surf Lifesavers between 8:00am and 5:00pm every day.

3. Kirra Beach

There's more great beach fishing to be found at Kirra, where the nearby reef is swarming with fish all year round. Erosion of the seawall means that bait fish like jewfish and tailor can be caught right off the beach, particularly at the northern rip holes, southern trough and Kirra and Greenmount groynes.

4. Currumbin Creek

Keep heading north to enjoy more year-round bait fishing off the rocks at Currumbin and Elephant Rock, or head along the boardwalk and dangle a line off the dedicated fishing platforms of Currumbin Creek for flathead, whiting and sand crabs, with the occasional flounder and even squid during the cooler months of the year.

Currumbin Creek's fishing platforms are located around one kilometre inland from the mouth and feature seating and a shade cover, perfect for laid-back fishing.

5. Tweed River

Just across the border, Tweed River's rocks and banks are abundant with bream, flathead and jewfish. You can also find bass in the upper reaches, mangrove jack to the south, trevally at the mouth, and dart, tailor and whiting in the offshore reefs. However, as this is New South Wales, you need to have a fishing licence.

Get ready for your fishing trip

If you're fishing in Queensland or NSW for the first time, it's important to find out what regulations apply to recreational fishing in each state to avoid penalties, making sure that you're using permitted equipment, not over-fishing and not catching certain fish in the wrong season.